Album Eldorado Covers With Some Familiar Faces

Another nice little find of a magazine called Album Eldorado, which was a digest size magazine (6.7 x 9.6 inch) published in Denmark by Forlaget Studia Publications in the late 1950’s and 60’s.

The magazine consisted of 36 pages including covers, with a colour cover and the interior pages were illustrated throughout with black and white nude photographs. Another magazine that claimed it was a naturist magazine with full-page photographs of beautiful women in outdoor poses, basking in the sun and amidst nature. There was also an introduction page with brief text in Danish, English, and German. 
I don’t recognise some of the models, but by issue No.30 onwards they start to get very familiar 🙂

No.5 – Unknown

No.11 – Unknown

No.28 – Unknown

No.30Carron Gardner

No.31 – Jackie Salt

Unknown No. – Pamela Green

No.33 – Unknown

Inside No.33 – June Palmer

No.34 – June Palmer

No.34  – Intro Page

No.35 – Jayne Tracey, Ewhurst Front

Inside No.35 -Jayne Tracey in Ewhurst Garden

No.36 – Wendy Luton

Inside No.36 – Maxine Miller in Ewhurst Garden

No.37 – Unknown

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  1. Eldorado #30 is Carron Gardner

  2. Beautiful girls that anyone should be proud of. Even in theese days, I remember how boldly, proudly they let us share their beauty. I do honor and respect them forever. All the best to all models, I will always love them.

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