Tina Madison in the 3D Garden!

It’s been a while since my last 3D shot, so here are two of Tina Madison posing nude in the garden.  The garden in question could well be in the grounds of Ewhurst as the other 3D shots of her also seem to be taken there!
The top shot is by far the better quality shot when it comes to the 3D!
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  1. Tina Madison posed for GHM , as did Della Fox, and others, yet they are not listed on the GHM website. Should be on their list of models

  2. GHM website has Tina Maddison, but not Tina Madison (look at their unidentified section). Miss Madison was incredibly good looking and reminds me of June Palmer. Love your blog!

    • Indeed it is spelt differently but I think it is the same person as GHM had a tenancy to change the names of his models, either completely or a different spelling. Glad you are enjoying the blog and all the comments are appreciated and help 🙂

  3. I can categorically confirm that the two spellings of Madison / Maddison relate to the one and the same Tina Madison. Tina herself used Madison, this I know because I photographed her at a studio in Stratford, East London in the spring of 1962 I still have in my possession the Ektachrome's from the shoot.

    • David Happy New Year and many thanks for the confirmation of the spelling as it is always nice to know from someone with first hand experience. I'd love to see any images you have of that shoot with Tina 🙂


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