A Bathroom Pose From June



June posing as she puts her hair up in anticipation of taking a bath.  Not a new image, but much better quality and directly from the pages of New Kamera No.1 in 1969.  This was Harrison Marks attempt to restart Kamera with more riskier new shots interlaced with some of his older work such as this.  This was the only appearance of a June image in this edition.
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  1. June has got the curious ability to transform herself from simple pin-up to something altogether more striking – this one is unusually striking<br /><br /> roop

    • Always comes across as so much more than just a pin-up. i don&#39;t know if it&#39;s the way she holds her poses of what but they always seem so striking and easy to do, which I bet they weren&#39;t!


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