Diane Grant – Kitchen Capers! (Original)

This model has been driving me nuts for a while now, not knowing who she is, but now thanks to Jeff she’s been identified and I can relax! I have a couple of shots of her from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2, such as this one and always wondered who she was. Thanks to Jeff and a link over to Vintage Fetish she’s been identified as actress and Spick & Span model Diane Grant. The odd thing is once I knew her name I found I had a whole set of colour negatives of her, which I will dig out and edit shortly.

It seems that we get to see a bit more of her in the Harrison Marks shots than when she appeared in the TOCO publications, which is no real surprise!

Thanks to Jeff and definitely go take a look over at Vintage Fetish, as I use it all the time to help identify models.

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  1. Nice picture, again, it’s a “just take your kit off and lean on the table over there will you sweetheart?” Maybe Terry Sparks could give us a little insight into this kind of situation.

  2. I think we all just have simple smutty minds, I know I do! I’m sure although it looks simply a case of strip and shoot it was more professional than that, or maybe not 😉

  3. Nice detective work – this kitchen gets used a bit.. Cindy Neal is another that comes to mind here.

  4. You lucky Britons! So much beauty you had!! And maybe still have?
    Congratulations from an old Swede, not being a turnip after all, I hope!


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