Jane by John (Original)

Earlier this week I had the great pleasure of meeting one of the members of this site over coffee. John had contacted me saying he had a collection of vintage prints in his collection taken by Leslie Bainbridge and others and would I be interested in seeing them. Well it turns out not only do we live in the same country, but are fairly local to each other, so it seemed too good an opportunity to pass on.

Upon meeting John, not only does he have a fabulous collection of over 200+ original prints from Bainbridge, Harrison Marks and others, but he also shared his collection of photos of his fabulous wife Jane. John and Jane were regular visitors to nudist clubs such as Eureka, North Kent, The White House and Sheplegh Court where they ran into Leslie Bainbridge. Jane was always immaculately shaven which was very uncommon at the time for regular members, as opposed to visiting models who were shaven.  Jane was often asked to pose and did so occasionally, such as this shot of her after a swim in the Sheplegh pool.

A stunning shot of Jane and I must say a big thank you to John for not only sharing his vintage print collection with me, but also his shots of Jane and also letting me share her on here as well. I’m currently working through the prints as John has been generous and trusting enough to leave them with me to scan, plus a few more of Jane. So I’m hoping to share a few from his print collection soon and hopefully more of Jane if everyone enjoys and he agrees 🙂



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  1. How brilliant is that ?

  2. Before I read your notes I had the feeling that this lady was not a professional model and that this was a sun club setting. There’s a quality about the subject and the image itself that convinced me that this was so. I would particularly like to see more naturist shots – that is, shots taken in naturist clubs that are not overtly ‘pin up’ in nature. (I would also like to see more of those too – of course!)

    • I have a feeling you will get your wish and to see more of this type of shot in the future. Although I’ll try and keep it relevant to the site and my interests as well.

  3. ALL such photos are welcome. There is a lovely freshness about this photo, and about a lot of naturist photos, that pin-ups do not offer; but thank goodness we can have both.

  4. Incredibly authentic. Love the photo and the story.

  5. Thank you for shaven pussy!


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