Barbara & Nicky – A Perfect Pair! (Original)

Does it get any better than Barbara Halks and Nicky Stevens nude in the studio by Harrison Marks? A stunning shot of the two girls from a great set of photo’s that thankfully I have several negatives from. They both look very happy as well 🙂

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  1. The very best two in the business !

  2. Well, they certainly do have fabulous bodies and look as though they are going to have some fun… either together or with the lucky photographer, or perhaps/probably all three

  3. Now that I WOULD like to see !!

  4. Just lovely looking girls

  5. For some reason I can just imagine them wrestling in baby oil…

  6. Or having a really, messy session, using salad creme, that squirty creme, eggs etc

    That would be an epic !


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