Unknown by Lamplight! (Original)

A beautiful unknown model posing next to a studio lamp taken by Harrison Marks from an original medium format negative. A model with a great slender figure and tidy smooth mound for all to enjoy. Another that I can’t name but looks familiar from the early 60’s.

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  1. It might be the pose she has been asked to adopt but she looks like a dancer, perhaps supplementing her income with some model work.

    • I agree. The ease with which she holds the pose certainly suggests she has trained as a dancer. A simple elegant pose and a lovely all female line explains for me the popularity of the female nude throughout the the ages.
      As for her identity, I wonder if anyone remembers a girl with a mole near her right nipple from those days?

  2. Love the tiny waist and hairless mound leaving the juncture of her labia visible. And posing on tiptoe emphasises her long legs and shows us her pretty feet, often overlooked in pics from this era.

  3. I like this nice delicate pose and great lighting. Yes we would all love to see Pussies up closer.

    • Rummy: If you like pussy close up, I expect you’ve checked out Hanna in The Naughty Stuff section. There’s a beautiful shot of her sitting back open-legged, exposing a lovely view of her hairy lady garden. And I know you’re a keen gardener!

  4. Yes Steve I took a look. I certainly would not buy her a manicure set to trim back.lol The luxury of that rubbing against you. I loved the 70s mags

  5. Rummy: Perhaps Hanna could do with a little bit of pubic topiary in the lady garden department, perhaps trimming her bush into a heart shape. It would also make her hidden parts more visible. Have you got any shears?

  6. Ha Steve I have done a bit of trimming of ladies down the years.lol

  7. This lovely model is Cheri Swift, later Cheri Chiranti. She was described as being from Sutton, in Surrey, but with French roots. She had appeared in the 1950’s versions of Fiesta and Carnival, as well as PEP, Toco magazines, and Pin-Up. She did full nude work like the picture above, for magazines such as Charm, and Art Advertiser.

    Her credited photographers included Maurice Fleisher, L.G.Barton, and A.Williams.

    • As I said before – an encyclopaedic knowledge. Well done Tonal. Very much the type of model and pose I like to see. I would love to see more of her if you know where I can do so. Pretty girl.

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