June Palmer – An Orange Overview! (Original)

I love this original shot of June taken at Scotlee Studio in 1977 by Itsgardin, but a bit too much orange in it if you ask me. From the orange psychedelic armchair to the carpet and rug, even June looks orange! Despite that a fantastic view of June’s figure and pussy as she reclines in the chair.

June Palmer – Artistic Nude (1957)

Another shot of a young June from the pages of Connoisseurs Choice and Modelling Review, this time from Vol.5 No.3 (1957). Here we get a side on view of June as she leans against an artists easel, with another artistic nude painting attached.

Nicky Stevens – Early One Morning!

A shot for one of my members who recently contacted me and mentioned Nicky Stevens and the glamour film by Harrison Marks she appeared in. The film was ‘Early One Morning’ and featured Nicky taking a bath in an old fashioned ‘hip bath’, unfortunately I don’t have a copy of the film, but realized I had published one still from that shoot before and another worth sharing now.


Lorraine Burnett – Boobs & Wild Horses! (Original)

Time for some Lorraine Burnett in colour after the extended Easter break and an original from Kevin. Unknown photographer and location, but possibly GHM and a different perspective of Lorraine with open pink negligee exposing herself for the camera, although not looking at it directly.