Joanna Kent & The Psychedelic Wallpaper

OK, It’s June Palmer in another original 120 film negative image, again taken by Arthur Howell.  This time wearing a wig and depending on the colour of the wig she went by a different alias.  
If the wig was strawberry blond, she was known as Joanna Kent If the wig was the black short wig she became Rachel Wells (I think I have a few!) and the silver wig she was Candy.  This looks strawberry blonde to me, so makes her Joanna Kent 🙂

Nice Dimples June!

Another original shot of JP taken by Arthur Howell, probably late 1960’s
that I’ve never seen before.*  Converted from a medium format 120 film negative and all I’ve done to the shot is tidy up some dirt on the image and tweaked the colour (originally a sepia colour).
I’m really pleased to be sharing these unique shots, as I think they should be shared but please where possible if you share elsewhere link back to this original.

Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.