Not Tonight Josephine! (Original)

Two restored prints of Josephine Watson by Harrison Marks. After having only a few shots of her and not knowing who she was I now have several sets of her by GHM, one of which she is posing in front of the familiar floral wallpaper, like these two shots. Very striking feline like make-up and love the rear view in the second shot, as you get to see the dimples on her bum, plus the perfect shape of her boob!

Roberta Pedon – Wrapped With a Squeeze!

I know Christmas has come and gone, but I never got anything this good wrapped up in a bow under my tree! Roberta Pedon in blonde wig giving her nipple a squeeze on one of her massive boobs wrapped in rope and done up with a bow! I actually published a load of shots from this set of Roberta over on my old DaysgonebyPorn Tumblr site ages ago, as they appeared in Big Busty No.6 dedicated to Roberta. This isn’t part of that set, but a much higher quality scan I have.

Ann’s Striped Sofa View

I have a few images of Ann Austin in different positions on this sofa, but thought I’d start with this one! I’m not sure if this shot has been touched up in some way or if that really is an uncensored view and we see a hint more than normal between her legs, as it looks odd to me? It may just be the angle of the way she is laying, but regardless a great view of Ann laying on that sofa with her hands pushing up her great assets!

Margaret Nolan – Another Bedtime View (Original)

Another shot of Margaret Nolan (Vicky Kennedy) posing by the four poster bed taken by Harrison Marks, from this set of images. Taken on location in one of the bedrooms of Ewhurst Manor.

Jean Rogers & Judy Geeson (Original)

I’ve published the dark haired beauty in this shot before here and have several other shots of her, but I first came across her in this shot posing with Jean Rogers. Jean is another late 1950’s model that caught my eye, or at least her big tits did! She appears in many late 1950’s prints, both alone and with other models and seems to enjoy changing her hairstyle frequently, mostly with wigs, as I’ve seen her with short blonde hair and darker variations.

The other thing I like about Jean is her figure, as it’s truly a natural curvy figure with a bit of a tummy on her, which isn’t a bad thing as it just makes her look even better. A great contrast in this shot between the models, a sort of thick and thin combination to enjoy!

Update: A big thanks to ilfordianuk for identifying my mystery model as Judy Geeson, so I now have another name to a body 🙂