June Palmer – A Closet Strip! (Original)

A stunning young June Palmer posing in front of a wardrobe wearing a dark fur stoal scanned and restored from an original 35mm Kodak slide. I love this shot of June with long hair stood with hands on hips as she looks at the camera, with a hint of shaved pubis showing as well! The original slide was faded and red, so the restoration is pretty good, even if slightly grainy.


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice

Nancy Roberts – Monte Carlo or Bust! (Original)

Let’s face it, if you get down as far as Monte Carlo with Nancy Roberts you are already onto a winner! A great shot of Nancy posing on the sofa in a very interesting set of themed panties and I wonder what location is placed lower down between her legs 😉

This restored silver gelatin photo was sent over from Girlymag, who has just put up a new listing of photo’s for sale of some of your favourite 1950’s and 60’s glamour models, so worth a look here. And thanks to him for sending this and other shots over for me to share on this blog 🙂

Shane Lorrie by Harrison Marks (Original)

This well endowed young lady photographed by Harrison Marks is Shane Lorrie and not a model I had come across before until recently. Shane was a UK model that posed from the late 1950’s onwards, with her early stuff being typical glamour model poses for GHM and others, there’s even a set of her on the popular silver casting couch that seems to pop up with several other models. Her career seems to have continued into the 1960’s and onwards, but diversified into the kinkier side, including bondage, lactation and some harder stuff! I’m sure if you do a search on some of the other erotica forums you will see what I mean, but I prefer shots such as this myself.

This comes from Kevin’s archive of original negatives and this along with a list of other negatives including June Palmer, Paula Page and host of other favourites are regularly being sold over on his eBay site here. As a long time patron and supporter of the site it’s about time I gave his site a plug, so go take a look it’s well worth it and I’ve bought several negatives from him over last few years 🙂

Jean Rogers & Judy Geeson – Contrasting Curves!

One tall and slender with long legs and small perky tits (Judy Geeson), the other smaller, but with a rounder, fuller figure and bigger tits (Jean Rogers). What a great contrast of figures in this shot and I love both for different reasons. Judy looks very elegant with her long legs in stockings with her dark exotic looks, whereas Jean in her frilly black panties looks built for fun, although I’m not sure about the knee length socks or whatever they are called. This is the first of 10 restored prints of the two girls posing as the strip out of what clothing they actually have on!

My preference seems to lean towards the built for fun figure, but I have exceptions to that rule, such as Judy and of course Dawn Grayson.

Jackie Salt – Dreaming of Sunny Days! (Original)

I don’t know why but this rear view shot of Jackie Salt taken by Harrison Marks down in the shallows on Bedruthan Beach in Cornwall really appeals to me for some reason. Mind you she does have a very nice bottom that makes the mind wander and think of things one could do with her on a sunny secluded beach like that!

Taken in 1961, this original negative seems to have been taken during the filming of ‘Naked as Natured Intended’ and a reversed copy of this shot appears here on a lobby card advertising the film itself. Bedruthan beach in Cornwall was and still is a bugger to get to, due to it’s secluded location and 100’s of worn dodgy steps to get down to it. No wonder GHM chose it for several of his location shoots including this one.

Dreaming of sunny days on a secluded beach with Jackie and why not on a cold winters day 🙂


Note: This is an image from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice