Pamela Green & The Floral Bikini Bottoms (1950’s)



Two early shots of Pamela Green with long blonde locks by Harrison Marks taken from original silver gelatin photographs. These come from an early set of a blonde Pam, but she is wearing a blonde wig in these rather than dying her hair peroxide blonde as she did later in her career. Although none of these shots appear, a similar shot of her in the same wig appears in ‘Pamela’ in 1955.
These are not her as Rita Landre as identified elsewhere, as the wig is very different and not auburn/red. Originally published by Filthy Gorgeous MediaĀ (who retain copyright) these were part of the extensive collection of Bob Guccione (Penthouse) photographs collected back when Bob and Harrison MarksĀ collaboratedĀ in theĀ late 1950’s for the Gucci Girls, who appeared in the variety magazine ‘Show Business’. They fell out shortly after, but not before Bob seems to have collected a wide range of early GHM photo’s including Pamela Green, Margaret Warhurst, Robyn and other early models.
Some great early Pam shots to enjoy!

Dawn Grayson – Lady In The Lake

Beautiful shot of Dawn Grayson in long negligee posing knee deep in a lake from ‘Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties’ (1964). I’m not sure I’d be that happy posing in the water like that, but all for one’s art!

Princess Sonmar Harriks – Beauty In The Barn

Princess Sonmar Harriks (Pamela Green) posing in the hay barn from Kamera No.37 (1961) with a very strategically placed thumb! The pubic region may look retouched, but it’s known she shaved to reduce the retouching, so the thumb is very well placed or GHM got the angle of the shot spot on!

Margaret Nolan Branching Out!

Margaret Nolan from the centre pages of Glamorous Girls No.2, with the same image appearing in one of the later editions of Kamera that Margaret appeared in, sometime after No.50. Although the pose looks good I’m sure it wasn’t easy to stay balanced like that on that branch for long! No splinters anywhere delicate one hopes.

Julie – Wild & Free


Another Harrison Marks model from the late 1950’s and early 60’s that had a very classical look with her dangly earrings, but here she’s revealing a bit more! Julie displaying her magnificent wild bush supported by a fine floral wallpaper background from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969). Just as nature intended šŸ™‚