Kay Fitzsimmons

Kay Fitzsimmons from Kamera No.87, Page 27 (1968). Kay posed for Harrison Marks and appeared in Solo No.14 and Kamera Calendar 1966. She also appeared on cover of Kamera No.29 and also in No.27, 38, 42, 43, 44, 52, 57, 64 & No.87.  This was the sole image used of her in No.87 and is obviously taken from an earlier period (1960?) than the others, but thrown in as a single image as GHM had a tendency to do!

Brides in the Bath Model Identified

As you may have seen in previous posts I have shown an unseen film titled ‘Brides in the Bath‘ starring June Palmer and various other models including Teri Martine.  I’ve been able to identify the main models in the film, but there were several unidentified models also appearing in the film and until now they have remained unnamed!  Thankfully one of the models, shown in the two roles below has now been identified.



Can-Can Girl No.3 (?)


Mistress (Same as Can-Can Girl No.3?)

The model playing both of these roles has been identified as Christine Jenson/Jensen by none other than Teri Martine herself!  Teri took time last week to look at this site and the video itself and identified Christine. Unfortunately Teri doesn’t remember doing the film herself and in her own words – ‘Now I have something to share with you. I don’t remember doing one scene in the video!!!!!! not one, how could I not remember being in such a fun movie?’. Teri also mentions another model Samantha Seager, but doesn’t directly identify her in the film, but another name to research!
I must thank Teri for taking the time to look at this site and the video’s and identifying Christine and filling another blank for me. It comes as a great honour and pleasure that someone like Teri has taken an interest in the site and enjoyed looking back through it and that it brought back such wonderful memories of the models she used to work with back then!
Teri also took time to look at my site and that it made her very happy to see a site with lots of her friend June!  Great praise indeed and makes it all worth while with what I am doing!

Thanks Teri!


Xmas Cracker – Mary Morten

What a nice surprise if you found this Xmas cracker under the tree like this, no need to unwrap anything! This is Mary Morten, also known as Nelda Morten/Morton, Beverly Martin, or as a brunette Carmen Montez, do you think she had enough names!  She appeared in Kamera No.85 (1967) in the Xmas setting and also appeared on Kamera Christmas cards.

Vera Day Nude

Two shots of Vera Day from the hardback book ‘Vera’ by Harrison Marks showing off a nude Vera in the top shot, with obvious re-touching and a shot in the familiar mirrored bath. Several models including Pamela Green and Tina Graham have posed in that bath before and one assumes this may be in GHM’s flat?

Triangle Starring June Palmer (Video)

Time for another never before seen June Palmer video, this time starring an older June in a video entitled ‘Triangle’.  
The basic story of the this video is a simple one … June is part of an orchestra, but has the unfortunate task of playing the ‘Triangle’, which is limited and boring.  As such she starts to daydream and fall asleep and dreams of sheep jumping through the triangle, followed by her dressed as little bo-peep.  What follows is a chase between her as little bo-peep and little boy blue, where along the way various parts of her clothing fall off (what a surprise!)


Now for some facts:

  • The film was shot by our very own John W at June and Arthur Howells house in South London in the summer of 1978.
  • The film was a competition entry by a federation of film clubs of which John was a member of one. The entry criteria was that the film had to have the title ‘Triangle’.
  • Not only is the film shot by John, but he stars in it along side June in the roles of the symbol player and ‘Little Boy Blue’!
  • The image on June’s wikipedia page (below) is a still taken from this very video.



A simple film, but one that gives you a glimpse of June later in her life through video rather than still images. Finally, it goes without saying that a huge thanks must go to John for allowing me to share this unseen video of June (and himself!)

Note: This is an original video and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the video remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Carla Higgins – Girl Illustrated No.2

Been far too long since we had an image of the girl from Luton, so I give you Carla Higgins (Dawn Grayson) from Girl Illustrated No.2 (1966).  A bit of creative writing on the part of GI this time as the accompanying text says ‘The red haired Argentinian model hails from Buenos Aries!’

Angela Duncan as Trudi Pink

Either as herself Angela Duncan or as Trudi Pink I had a bit of a thing for her and her magnificent boobs! She appeared for GHM once in the glamour film ‘Casting Couch’, but went on to appear in numerous magazines, including ‘Mayfair’ throughout the 1970’s.  I love this shot of her as Trudi Pink squeezing those big tits together and I love those red panties with white tassels!