A Medley of Models

Here’s a new one to me from the pages of Mayfair Magazine Vol.1 No.4 (December 1966) a line up of well know 1960’s models. Unless I am mistaken from left to right we have Lee Southern (Grace Jackson), Dawn Grayson, Teri Martine, Unknown, Bobby Shaw and finally Annette Johnson. Sorry I can’t place the lovely in red, but she looks familiar, but not a regular on here, anyone put me out of my misery and name her?
Thanks must go to Dasduffer over on VEF for scanning and sharing this, along with some new Dawn Grayson and Teri Martine material from early Mayfair issues, which I hope to share here soon.

Dawn Grayson – Kitchen Capers!

Dawn Grayson nude in the kitchen and posing for Ed Alexander for his book of English Beauties (1964). As Ed himself says, when photographing the nude indoors, a change from plain studio backgrounds can sometimes be made by using the average home as a setting, as long as the setting doesn’t detract away from the model.  Trust me, my eyes are firmly focussed on the model here!

Virginia Green in The Mirror (Full Version)


A stunning image of Virginia Green that I originally published here, but this is probably the original as it’s not cropped at the sides.  Much better quality and you get to see Ann Austin in the photo on the wall, signed by Harrison Marks. This image in it’s cropped version appeared on the last page of Solo no.25 P32 (1960) dedicated to Virginia.

Rita Van Ryan

Rita Van Ryan by Russell Gay (1967).  I saw this on an auction site and can’t say I’ve come across her before or even if the photo was by Russell Gay, but a wonderful image all the same.  Nice to see the curves of an Ebony babe from the 1960’s as they were far from common back then, but equally as appealing.

Anyone come across her before or seen any other images?

Kamera on Location 1966 Cover

Catching up with some of my magazine covers, so starting with the cover of ‘Kamera  on Location 1966’. This one features from left to right, Teri Martine, Alicen Warden and Nicky Stevens wandering down a beach in Cornwall naked holding hands, very nice!


Beverley Martin – Lakeside Lovely

Beverley Martin (Mary Morton) from the pages of Carnival Magazine (August 1965) posing topless beside a lake apparently!  It’s actually the square pond out the back/side of Ewhurst Manor from a different angle.  You can see Monique Devereux posing in front of it in an earlier post today.  Obviously a popular spot for a pose and I’ve even seen some of Barbara Halks and Monique posing in the pond!

An Early Blonde Pamela Green



A very early blonde Pamela Green taken by Harrison Marks from the 1950’s. Looking at the second smaller shot I would say this was probably a blonde wig rather than the dyed blonde hair she became so familiar with later in her career.