Margaret Nolan in Chains! (1966)

This is an interesting shot and not for the obvious one of it being Margaret Nolan in chains! This shot of Margaret is from the Whitestone book No.71 ‘Paris Photo Beauty by Serge Jacques’ and taken by Serge Jacques, but looks more like a Harrison Marks shot to me, along with another shot in the book of her, which I know is from GHM. I suppose as Whitestone produced a number of these books by well known photographers images will have been swapped about, but I’m not even sure Maggie ever posed for Serge Jacques?
Thanks to Napo over on VEF for the scan.

Rita Landre – A Smoking Hot Alley View! (Original)

As already mentioned this is one of my favourite sets of Pamela as Rita Landre and the first decent colour shot.  I’ve been after this shot for a while as I absolutely love it and thanks to Kevin I now have a cracking copy of it, it’s just such a smoking (pun intended) hot shot of her. I love the use of the red lighting in the background and the smoke as Rita kneels there amongst it all pouting. Thanks Kevin!

Britt in Bubbles (1969)

A beautifully bubbly shot of Britt Hampshire posing in an ornate bath by Harrison Marks from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 (1969). I love the look from her in the mirror, plus the fact it’s untouched by the censors hand and we get to see her perfect little bush as well.

Caron Gardener – Subtle in Silver

A vastly under published model on here Caron Gardner posing for Russell Gay or team in long silver gloves. As an aside I’m attending an MCM Comic Con at Birmingham on Sunday 23rd November and two of the guests are Caron Gardner and Margaret Nolan! May see if I can get a few pics and autographs if I get chance 🙂