Sitting Pretty with Sue Owen

I’m not quite sure if I prefer Sue Owen with dark hair or with blonde hair as Suzi Khan, but this is a good shot of her with her dark hair.  Not the most well endowed of models when it comes to boob size, but still a nice pert pair and add in a cracking slender figure and she’s still a lot of people’s favourite.

Face It, Tiger… You Just Hit The Jackpot!! (1958)


An appropriate title to this image of an unknown model photographed by Harrison Marks for Kamera No.7 (1958). The tiger skin rug seems to be a prominent feature throughout this early edition of Kamera, not that it really distracts from the key focus on the image.
For those geeks amongst us the title is a reference back to The Amazing Spider-Man No.42 (November 1966) and the introduction of Mary Jane Watson (MJ) who makes her first appearance in this comic and utters these words to Peter Parker/Spider-man when they first meet. It has become something of a catchphrase for the character.
Another small piece of trivia about me, is that I also used to collect comic books from the early 1960’s onwards, including Spider-man. My collection exceeds over 6000 different comics and titles and if sold could buy the wife a new kitchen, but don’t tell her that!

Jackie Parker Amongst The Daisies!

Jackie Parker and her magnificent tits posing on a lawn full of daisies.  I have no idea where this was taken, but just imagine looking out your kitchen window to be greeted by this view! One good reason to take your time at the sink washing up, so you could admire the view. 
A more natural view of Ms Parker and one that looks to be shot without a wig for a change and her beauty spot seems more noticeable in this shot for some reason? I assume it is a real natural beauty spot as it’s in almost all of the photo’s of her.

A Stunning Front Doorstep View!

A view through the front door of Ewhurst Manor looking out onto the lawn and pond at the bottom of the garden. Oh and let’s not forget the beauty in the doorway making the view even more appealing! Sorry no idea who the model is, but love the composition of the shot using the door frame.

June Johnson – As Nature Intended! (1969)

As the publication says a shot of June Johnson as nature intended! A very full on view of a full on bush from June Johnson on the lantern cottage set by Harrison Marks from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969). I don’t have many shots of June as only four shots of her appear in Kamera, plus a couple from Nature’s Intention, which is a shame!