Sue Owen – Deep in the Undergrowth!

A dark haired Sue Owen posing down by the waterside from Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 and all sorts of titles came to mind with this shot, all bush related 🙂 Not sure of the location, but as many of the shots are at Ewhurst it could be somewhere down by the pond, but that looks to be running water, so maybe not?

Rena Brown in Pigtails (1968)

Rena Brown another late 1960’s model that worked with Harrison Marks, but more on the film side than appearing in his publications. She appeared in ‘The Nine Ages of Nakedness’, as well as one of the characters in the Pattern of Evil’ film.  I’ve seen several shots of her in leather outfits with whips, so assume they come from the films, but this is a more demure shot of her from Girl Illustrated Souvenir Edition No.2 (1968)

Marie Provost – The Best of Kamera Vol.2 Cover

One of the few missing covers from my collection of Kamera magazine covers and thanks to Yak from the Official Pamela Green site for providing the scan. The cover features Marie Provost or as I’ve seen her named somewhere else recently Tina Sherwood, but not been able to verify that name yet! And would you believe it but shortly after getting a copy of the cover a copy of the actual magazine appears on eBay, typical!