June The Bookworm, Part 2

The second shot from a set of 11 images of June posing in a black negligee with a bookshelf and set of Encyclopedia Britannica’s in the background, not that the Encyclopedia’s are the main focus of interest here!  June looks as glorious as ever and in her prime in this set, with more shots coming shortly.

June Palmer – Peach Perfect! (Original)

Another restored image from an original, this time from Kevin and his collection, but still a superb shot of June. Posing in the studio her figure and long dark hair contrast well with the peach background. Thanks Kevin!

June Perfect in Purple (Coloured)

I thought I’d published the original black and white versions of these shots coloured by Oldiznewagain, but on looking back apparently not! Just goes to show you I spend too much time looking at June images and thinking I know what I’ve published, so I may have to go back through the archive and see what else I’ve missed. Two great coloured versions from the same set from Oldiznewagain here and really like the use of the purple for the negligee/dress.

Happy Christmas & 1 Year Old!

Where did that year go! A quick note to say that it’s been a year since I started this dedicated site to June Palmer and I can’t believe it! In that time I’ve published over 360 images of June through-out her career and beyond, most of them original never before seen shots ranging from candid holiday shots to early nude shots.  I’ve made many new contacts that have both known and photographed June, all of whom have provided stories and their own images of her.  The site continues to grow and go from strength to strength and to think I worried if I should do this a year ago as there wouldn’t be enough interest. The images I see of June continue to surprise and excite me, and she is as popular now as she ever was to her fans.

I have a few people to thank for their continued support of this site, as without them I’m sure it wouldn’t be as popular. Firstly John W, whose dedication to June through his own work of her, both images and video’s and his huge June archive have helped make this site what it is, without his continued support I wouldn’t have seen or shared half the original June images this last 12 months. Secondly a big thanks to all the other fans and photographers that have shared their own images of June, including Itsgardin, Oldiznewagain, Minimunster and others that wish to remain anonymous.  Here’s to another fruitful 12 months of the fabulous June Palmer.

Finally all that is left to say is thank you and I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and New Year and I look forward to sharing more Just June with you in 2015.

June Palmer – Always Worth Another Look!

June posing in head scarf and long black gloves from the pages of Carnival Magazine (November 1967), also sporting some nice leopard skin pants! Originally posted by Beutelwolf over on VEF.

June in Taste The Blood of Dracula (Video)

Following on from this post of a publicity shot of June from ‘Taste The Blood of Dracula’ I now have a good clear version of her actual appearance in the film! It’s short and sweet and not all that exciting, as she’s mainly in the background, but I’ve included some of the better screen shots of her as well.

Enjoy the clip below 🙂

Thanks must go again to John W for sending through the clip from his June video collection!

June & The Yellow Dingy! (Original)

June posing topless on a yellow inflatable dingy from this set taken by Arthur Howell on holiday in some location, but not sure if it’s in this country or abroad, but likely abroad.

Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.