Lorraine Burnett in Just a Necklace!

I just love this shot of Lorraine Burnett with her perfectly placed hand!  I don’t know where this originated, but looking at the shape and size of the image I’d guess from a Russell Gay publication such as Amber or QT, maybe the centrefold?  I think the shot had already been edited as all I did was some minor colour adjustments, so someone else did a fine restoration job on it first.  I have other similar shots of Lorraine with his hair style and necklace, but this one just jumps out at me.

Hazel Taylor – Sexy Girl No.5

Two shots of Hazel Taylor (Ann Dixon) from Sexy Girl No.5. I love the cheeky shot of her slowly pulling down her panties in the bottom shot, but the top shot does it for me!  I think it must be the titillation (very apt word I think!) of seeing her fine figure through the fishnet outfit.