Pam’s Parlour Pose! (Original)

Restored from an original print, Pamela Green by Harrison Marks posing on her knees nude in the front parlour! An early shot of Pam, before being a blonde (redhead stage?), I have several shots from this set of her posing in various locationsĀ around GHM’s flat (I assume it’s his place?). A great shot of a nude Pam in front of the dresser šŸ™‚

Hazel Taylor – Table Top Totty! (Original)

I love this shot of Hazel Taylor sent by Kevin. Not only does it have her fabulous body and boobs on show, but there is so much else going on in the shot as well. We see Hazel in a stunning combination of suspender belt, panties and stockings, all highlighted by the sparkle of the high heels whilst standing on the dining room table! I just Love the different patterns on show, from the floral suspender belt, checkedĀ panties and striped stockings.Ā But why is she stood or about to stand on the dining room table, a spot of after dinner entertainment perhaps?