Tina Madison – Sheer Blue! (Original)

Tina Madison posing with the familiar bamboo room divider at Scotlee Studios in one of two original 35mm negatives that I recently purchased.  I just love the sheer blur negligee with purple ribbon, giving us a cracking side view of her tits!
Note: This is an original image from my own negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

An Arched View of June (Original)

Time for another original shot of June taken by Stefan Glass in the 1960’s in various locations around a house. This shot has June sat posing in a high arched recess in one of the bedrooms, with the original negative showing a wider shot including a window on the right and standing lamp on the left.  When John sent these through he also included a set of contact sheets (middle) marked up with the cropping for the shot.  The bottom shot is one that I’ve then cropped in line with the contact sheet and makes the shot a lot cleaner by removing the peripheral items. I love both shots but will always go for the complete view (top) as it gives you a better idea of the place, even if the bottom shot is more aesthetically pleasing.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Gwen Ford (1965)

Another model up until now I didn’t know had modelled for Harrison Marks and appeared in Kamera! I have other uncensored colour negatives of Gwen I need to publish, but this is the first shot of her I’ve come across taken by GHM. She appears twice in the 1965 Kamera Special No.5, both shots of her posing in GHM’s flat on a bed as above. Time to dig out and tidy up the other images of her 🙂

The Perky Peaks of Linda Lloyd (1965)

Linda Lloyd posing for GHM in his Flat amongst the ceramic cats from the Kamera Special No.5 (1965). Loving the beehive hairstyle and the ornament behind Linda causing the double peaks shadow 🙂
Linda did three photo shoots for Harrison Marks. The first, a studio shoot, were printed in Kamera No.60 & 63 (1964). The second shoot was at GHM’s London flat (above) and then Linda was chosen for the annual Cornwall shoot. Photos from the latter two were published in Kamera No.64 & 76.

Elaine Desmond Uncensored & Retouched (1963)

I always find it fascinating when I come across an image of a model published in Kamera and have a copy of the original to compare it with.  The above two shots are a good example of Elaine Desmond published in Kamera No.51 (1963).  
The first shot is the original uncensored shot of Elaine showing us everything, including her smooth fully shaven mons pubis area. The second is the same shot, but published in Kamera after the retoucher has got hold of it to get it past the censors! If we ignore the quality difference between the two shots I still know which one I prefer. Although back when this was published, something was better than nothing in terms of titillation! Two great shots of Elaine which ever version you prefer.