In The Garden With Dawn & Friend (1965)

A very smiley shot of a nude Dawn Grayson and friend in the grounds of Ewhurst Manor posing for Harrison Marks. This shot appears in Kamera No.65 (1965) in which both Dawn and the other unknown model appear through-out in different locations around Ewhurst. Both also appear on the cover of an earlier vintage magazine Solis No.70, but does anyone know who the blonde is?
Not impressed with the retouching in this shot on the blonde model, although on looking at other shots, she seems to be shaven down below, so can’t have been that much to remove!

Maxine King (1965)

Maxine King sat on the bonnet of the white Buick car that appears in other editions of Kamera, but this is taken from Kamera No.65 (1965). Maxine’s small frame and perky little tits only make a few appearances in Kamera No.65, No.66, No.67 & No.78, but still an enjoyable view.

June Palmer – Swing Baby, Swing! (Original)

The second shot of June on holiday wearing those red bikini bottom’s. This time fooling around on a rope swing, but still a great candid shot of her having fun!


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Margaret Nolan – Everyone’s Favourite Poster Girl!

A shot of Margaret Nolan posing with girlie magazine’s and posters of herself on the wall in the background. I thought she was wearing some sort of bloomers, but on looking at other shots it seems to be a sheer sheet or nightie she has pulled around her waist. A great shot of Margaret, shame about the wig!