Dawn Grayson – Front Room Fancy! (Original)


A colour scan from a medium format negative (2.5 by 2.5 inches) of Dawn Grayson posing in underwear for Spick & Span. The first medium format negative I actually own that arrived today, along with a second shot of Dawn from the same set. Very little tweaking need the quality was so good, slight adjustment of the colours and some very minor dust specks removed.
A crisp, clear stunning shot of Dawn even with her clothes on and the colour of her auburn hair and those curtains really stand out. More to come soon!

June Palmer – A Balanced Bikini View (Original)

This is the third shot I’ve posted of June posing on holiday in this white bikini and the second one of her by this pool. Sent through by John I never get board (get it!) of shots like these, even when June is dressed or semi dressed. I love the use of the rails and reflections of the pool in this shot and one assumes it was taken by Arthur Howell?


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Jackie Parker – True Blue!

An uncensored view of Jackie Parker in Tri-colour and blue in more than one sense, as we get an uncensored frontal view of her! She definitely changed her look in different shots and again here she’s wearing a dark wig along with stockings and gloves. Publication unknown, 

A Model That’s Not Tina Madison (1960)

I’ve come across this model before in other editions of Kamera and seen her referred to as Tina Madison, but I was always very unsure that it was the Tina Madison I’ve posted before, as the body shape looked wrong. The official GHM website in it’s model database also has the model above as Tina Madison and her Kamera Appearances.
Well I now have definitive proof that the top model isn’t Tina, as I have a copy of Kamera No.33 (1960) and they both appear in it! The Tina I know (below) appears on page 3 and 7, the first model appears on pages 9 and 20, so they appear together in one edition, which might be where the confusion comes from. So if not Tina who is the first model?

Barbara’s Bum (1968)

I thought it would be easy to do a day of posts featuring the wonderful rears of some of the models by Harrison Marks, but it’s harder than I imagined! Scanning through all the images and magazines I have it becomes apparent that GHM prefered up front shots rather than shots from behind as they are sparsely scattered throughout his publications.  Not one to be deterred I’ve comes across a few views, such as the this great rear of Barbara Halks from Kamera No.86 (1968)