Dawn Grayson as Liza Martelle (Original)

Dawn Grayson by Harrison Marks on the ‘Backstage set’ at Lily Place Studio’s wearing long blonde wig as ‘Liza Martelle’ in a pink underwear set. I love this shot of Dawn, although I do think she looks a little slutty in this set with those panties pulled up between her cheeks! This is an original scan of a negative from Kevin and again it’s good to see a full version of the negative against the version printed in the magazine here

June Palmer – Lakeside Lovely! (Original)

A companion to this post showing a nude side profile of June down by the water’s edge among the reeds. Don’t ask me why I didn’t straighten this photo so the horizon was horizontal as I can’t remember, probably distracted with something else! I’m sure June’s holding her stomach in on this shot, even though it was very flat anyway, but still a cracker from John.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

June In Suburbia, More Front Room Frolics! (Original)

Another original shot from the John archives of June in suburbia. Same location as this shot, but different attire or lack of it! You can’t disagree though that June like this would be a very warming addition to any front room! Cracking furniture and very 1960’s but I do wonder about the curtains and what colour they were? I imagine them to be some psychedelic blue or orange for some reason.

Margaret Nolan – Everyone’s Favourite Poster Girl, Part 2 (Original)

A second shot from a set featuring Margaret Nolan posing amongst posters and magazines of herself. The first original image I posted back in October is here, but this one is more revealing and shows her smoking as well!

Hilde Beck – No Support Required! (Original)

I had forgotten that I had this shot of Hilde Beck on the Egyptian set by Harrison Marks! This is a scan of an original negative sent through by Kevin before Christmas and although not the best composed shot, it still shows a lovely rear view of Hilde, but I doubt she really needed any support 🙂