June Out & About in London (Original)

Two shots of June out and about in London from the 1960’s sent through by John from scans of original prints.  The bottom shot seems to be in Trafalgar square the Queen Victoria Memorial looking up the Mall, with Buckingham Palace behind you (Thanks Yak!), but the top shot is difficult to pin point unless anyone knows London well? Despite that two excellent shots of June dressed and out on location.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Gina Martin – Beautiful Britons No.83

Gina Martin or (Tina Graham, Gina Graham, Christine Cater or Chris Williams, take your pick) on the cover of Beautiful Britons No.83 (October 1962). What I didn’t realize or make the connection was that Christine was married to Ken Williams the photographer, hence the name Chris Williams, doh!
I love the BB or Spick and Span covers and the attempt (sometimes bad) to colour a black and white photo for the cover, such as this cover of Gina. Still it gives it a certain uniqueness and appeal now.

June & The Broom Handle (Coloured)

Catching up on the coloured versions of June by Oldiznewagain and this is another cracker of June by Stefan Glass coloured. Perfect skin tones and love the details in this like the pink toe nail polish 🙂

Original for comparison … Here

Julie Collins From The Rear! (Original)

A view of Julie Collins from behind stood at a fireplace giving us a cracking view of her derrière and just a hint of boob! Always good to get a different perspective on things and thanks to Kevin as this shot comes from his great archive again.

June & The Wheel (Coloured)

Wow! I just love this coloured version of June appearing in Kamera No.27 (1960) by Oldiznewagain. The subtle use of the beige colours in the background really work on this shot, with only the red of her lips standing out. Normally Oldiznew adds a background colour or clothes colour that pops and makes the image stand out, but this works without a contrast.

Original image in black and white linked here, but decided not to post it directly as a comparison so not to detract from this great version.