Femme Magazine Covers

The first issue of Femme appeared in the summer of 1958 It had a Harrison Marks’ photograph of June Russell on the cover but it featured photographs ‘from Britain, America and the Continent’ of nude and semi-nude female models by other photographers as well as HM himself.
The 1958 edition had no issue number and may have been a one-off, but another issue appeared some time later. From this issue ‘Femme’ reverted to the tried and tested 7″x 5″ pocketbook size and appeared as The New Femme No.1 presenting the work of Harrison Marks, Belorgey and Roland Carre with a Harrison Marks’ image of the very well endowed Miss Paula Page on the front cover.

There were 11 issues in total with the final issue published in mid-1968 and containing only the work of Harrison Marks. *

Femme 1958 
(June Russell)

Femme No.1 Alternate Cover 
(Pamela Green)

Femme No.1 (Paula Page)

Femme No.2 (Pamela Green)

Femme No.3 (Rita Landre)

Femme No.4 (Pamela Green)

Femme No.5 (June Palmer)

Femme No.6 (Tina Graham)

Femme No.7 (Vivenne Warren)

Femme N0.8 (Pamela Green)

Femme No.9 (Cleo Simmons)

Femme No.10 (Nicky Stevens)

Femme No.11 (Gerry Brown)

* Text Taken & Altered From The Official Harrison Marks Website

Jayne Tracey

Real Name: Jayne Tracey
Modelling Aliases: None Known

Date of Birth:
Measurements: 37-22-36 Height: 5’6″
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour (Natural): Blonde 
Jayne Tracey Images

Magazine Listings:
Album Eldorado No.35 (Cover)
Album Modelstudier No.78 (Cover)
Beau (US) – Doll of the Month

Dude, Nov 1964 (Cover)
Flirt ‘n Skirt Extra (Part 2)
Follies de Paris et Hollywood – Various
Health & Efficiency
Kamera No.50, 51, 53, 54 (Cover), 63 & 75
Model No.42
Modern Life Vol.1 (US Fetish Mag)
Parade – Various
Parade Autumn Extra
Relax (UK – 1967/8)
Solo No.33
Spick ‘n’ Span – Various
Span No.114 (Cover)

Glamour film: No.37 ‘Jayne Tracey’ 
Jayne Tracey (Heritage Films)
Cool Girl

Kamera Calendar 1964