Barbara Halks

I love the sultry look of Barbara Halks in this image, which seems to be taken on  the set of ‘Eastern Exchange’. Barbara appeared in Kamera No.84, No.85 (cover), No.86, No.87 and Solo No.57. She also appeared in 3 glamour films, ‘Eastern Exchange, ‘Sitting Pretty’ with Nicky Stevens and finally ‘Go Go Girl’ and finally appeared in the pages of the Kamera Calendar 1969.

This beautiful uncensored shot of her appeared in Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.2 (1969).

June & The Floral Carpet!

Two more shots of June in the 1967 magazine ‘Model Magazine – Winter Indoor Edition’. Both shots were taken by A E. Paffey and have June posing on a very flowery carpet in various stages of undress.

A Warm & Blooming June

June from the pages of Girl Illustrated Vol.1 No.12 (1967). I find the early shots of June in GI to be some of her best, plus the quality and production of the magazine seems to enhance the shots.

Wendy Luton – A Bird in the Bush

Wendy Luton from the pages of Fiesta Magazine Vol.1 No.7 (September 1967). I’d say this was taken by Ed Alexander as there are several shots of Wendy in this forest location in similar poses for the magazine ‘Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties‘.