The Pamela Green Nude Posing Guide No.4 (1973)

Now this is something rather unique and special sent to me by friend of the site and long time Pamela Green fan Simon and something I had never seen before. The Pamela Green Nude Posing Guide No.4 published in 1973 by Pam with photo’s taken by Douglas Webb. The guide is 4 pages including the cover and features Pamela in 48 different poses across 3 pages in a contact sheet style, with each image having a number (The image above was No.342) Two pages feature poses by Pam on a white background as above, with the other page being on a black background, with lots of use of light and shadows.

The date of this guide would put Pamela’s age at 43/44, so later in her career, way beyond her time with Harrison Marks, but also a time where I have seen very little of her ‘older’ work. All the shots are very artistically posed and show off Pam’s body at it’s very best, but as you can see are uncensored and show Pam in a more natural state than her early career.

Another curiosity is that this is guide No.4, so one assumes there are at least 3 more versions published as well, but Simon came across this one by chance and hasn’t any idea about the other guides. I wonder if Yak from the official Pamela Green site and curator of most of her legacy stuff was aware of these guides?

A huge thanks to Simon for sending this through and allowing me to share this unique guide of Pamela and I will of course be sharing more of this guide as I edit it, including the full page contact sheets.




Sylvia Bayo – Slave to The Rhythm (Original)

I originally posted a cropped version of this image I found here, but I now own the negative, so rather than replace it I thought I’d just post a high definition version as well. There’s no comparison really between the two as you get so much more detail and clarity of Sylvia in this shot than the other, and that can’t be a bad thing! A wider crop of Sylvia in Harrison Marks 1970 Maximus International film ‘Cous-Cous’, where she starred as a slave in a harem.

Again, Sylvia posed for Terry Sparks, but he knew her under her real name Lucienne Camille, which she also used to model under. So many modelling names, why couldn’t they just have stuck to one, but then even if the name changes the body certainly doesn’t!


Note: This image is scanned from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice

Jeanette’s Sunny Outlook (Original)

Something to brighten us all up as we head back to work! The second and last shot of Jeanette Marsden by Terry Sparks taken on a beach in Crete in 1972. And what a way to perk us all up than with a gorgeous tanned nude with a hint of bush, kneeling on a sunny beach 🙂


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

Roberta Pedon – Wrapped With a Squeeze!

I know Christmas has come and gone, but I never got anything this good wrapped up in a bow under my tree! Roberta Pedon in blonde wig giving her nipple a squeeze on one of her massive boobs wrapped in rope and done up with a bow! I actually published a load of shots from this set of Roberta over on my old DaysgonebyPorn Tumblr site ages ago, as they appeared in Big Busty No.6 dedicated to Roberta. This isn’t part of that set, but a much higher quality scan I have.