Dawn Grayson

Dawn Grayson was one of the foremost models of the late Harrison Marks era. Described by Girl Illustrated as “a byword for professionalism”, she was immensely popular and featured in many publications, not just for Harrison Marks, but also a regular in Toco publications such as Span, Spick and Beautiful Britons. She allegedly got started in the glamour industry after posing for an advertising safety poster and also appeared in a series of advertisements for the Milk Marketing Board. Born as Catherine Sheddock in Ireland and married a Royston Kirkham in Luton in 1962 and won the title of Miss Luton in 1965.

The safety poster in question was taken by Harrison Marks himself and was used by the British Safety Council in 1964 and caused quite a stir, as documented here!

The document and others state in 1964, she was 22 years old and married to a car plant worker based in Luton, Bedfordshire and had an 11 month old son.  Various other magazines also refer to her wanting to move to America or having moved to America as her husband got a highly paid position in electronics.  Another article says she had been in the states for about a year in 1973 and continued her modelling career over there.

So, some things do seem to be true in part, she was married, he was a electronics engineer for a car plant and they moved to Maryland in America in 1970, plus they had at least one child, possibly a girl not a boy.  As to beyond that point, like many other models of that time the details become sketchy.

Real Name: Kay Kirkham
Date of Birth: 1942?
Modelling Aliases:
Carla Higgins, Kay Stevens (Stephens), Gail, Nelson, Dorothy Gregson, Dawn Gayson, Liza Martelle and Dane Grayson
Measurements: 37-24-36  
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour (Natural): Redhead
Height: 5ft 4in (1.62m)
Hair Colour (Dyed):
None, but modelled for Harrison Marks under the name Liza Martelle in a long blonde wig.



NameVolIssue No.YearNotes
Avec Plaisir-No.1?Appears on the Cover
Beautiful Britons--?Full List of Appearances Here
Black NylonsVol.1No.9?Appears on the Cover
Body ShopVol.4No.3?Appears on the Cover
Bottom Vol.4 No.2 (Cover)Vol.4No.2?Appears on the Cover
British Figure Beauty by Russell Gay-No.841968
Cancans de Paris-No.351968
Carnival-June1967Whitestone Publications, 1 Image
Carnival-Sept19692 pages titled 'Dawn of Man'
Ed Alexander Photographs English Beauties--1964Whitestone Publications (112 pages) - Cover, P50, P75 & P84
Figure Quarterly MagazineVol.45Spring1966Appears on the Cover
Flirt 'n Skirt-No.13?
Girl IllustratedVol.1No.21966As Carla Higgins
Girl IllustratedVol.1No.31966As Dorothy Gregson
Girl IllustratedVol.1No.81966As Dorothy Gregson
Girl IllustratedVol.2No.141968
Girl IllustratedVol.4No.381970Appears on the Cover
Girls International-No.1?
Girls of the World-No.1?As Dawn Gayson
Good Photography-No.701966Whitestone Publications, Appears on 1 Page, photo by Ed Alexander
H&E (Health & Efficiency)-Nov1970
Heels & HoseVol.3No.319616 pages titled 'She Plays a Game of Pop'
Kamera Winter Special--1966Appears on the Cover, P2, P7, P10 & P11 (Double Page Spread) & P25
Ken Williams London Figure Models-No.751967Appears in 5 images
La Femme-No.1?
Mayfair Vol.1No.31966November Edition - Back Page Advert
MayfairVol.1No.41966A Medley of Models including Dawn
Men Only--1965January Edition - 4 Pages titled 'The Girl Who Had Trouble with the Vicar', Photo's by Ken Williams
Men Only--1966September Edition - Appears on the Cover
Parade Magazine-No.13221965On The 'Gags & Gals' Page
Parade Magazine-No.14811968Week-ending Saturday 27th April - Appears as the centrefold
Parade Holiday--1966
She.--?Harrison Marks Reprints
Solis-No.401964European Magazine featuring Dawn on the cover with unknown model at Ewhurst Manor (Harrison Marks images)
Solo-No.43196448 pages dedicated to Dawn by Harrison Marks
Span---No.131, 132, 136 (Cover) 137, 142, 143 (Cover), 147, 148, 150, 158, 163, 169, 180, 193, 229, 239, 250, 253, 258, 264
Spick ---No.179 – No.140, 145, 146, 147, 148, 152, 153, 166, 168, 174, 179(Cover), 196, 217, 225, 232, 234, 257, 263, 264, 272
Spick & Span Extra ---No.18, 19, 23, 26, 27, 29, 31, 32, 36, 38, 39, 43, 44, 51, 52, 58, 59, 61
Stop-No.401964French Magazine - Appears on the Cover and 3 internal pages. Some photo's by Ed Alexander
Touch Vol.3 No.4 (Cover)---


Key Strip1964Kamera Cine Film No.59
Festive Spirit1967Kamera Cine Film No.88
Sleepy Time Gal1967Kamera Cine Film No E.16 - Dawn lays on a bed dreaming to awake and strip naked!
The Nine Ages of Nakedness1968Harrison Marks colour feature film
Brides in the Bath?Unpublished film by Arthur Howell loosely based on the true life story of serial killer and bigamist George Joseph Smith

Other Publications:

Kamera Calendar 1965
Kamera Calendar 1966 – July
Kamera Calendar 1968 – Cover, January
Harrison Marks Calendar 1969 – February (As Liza Martelle)

June Palmer

Born on the 4th August 1940, her parents little knowing the impact that in later years she was to make on the male population, both at home and abroad. With June Palmer’s fabulous figure, hair and face, she was the stuff boys and men dreamt of, June Palmer’s pin-up poses adorning many a wall and locker door, or workshop coffee room table in one of the many magazines she appeared in.

June started posing for Kamera and Solo at the age of 17 with photographer Harrison Marks (which her work is best known for), as well as Russell Gay. Harrison almost didn’t use her, because of giggling too much during test shots, and had found her impossible to work with. Although June Palmer was often associated with George Harrison Marks, there was another partnership less well known. That of June Palmer and Arthur Howell, the man who both discovered and married her. They were together for about ten years and together ran ‘Strobe Studio’, Clapham, London.

Among the men’s magazines Palmer graced the covers of and/or had pictorials in are “Fiesta,” “Parade,” “Adam,” “Beau,” “Dapper,” “Modern Man,” “Sir!,” and “Monsieur.”  She appears as herself in the comedic documentary The Naked World of Harrison Marks (1967) and also acted in a few “nudie-cutie” loops for Marks. 

Real NameJune Palmer
Modelling Aliases:
June Power, When June wore the strawberry blonde wig, she went under the name Joanne Kent, the black short wig she became Rachel Wells and the Silver wig she was Candy.
Date of Birth: August 4th, 1940 Died: 6th January 2004
Measurements: 38-24-37 Height: 5′ 2¼” (1.58 m)
Eye Colour: Green 
Hair Colour (Natural): Brown
Hair Colour (Dyed):
Spouses: Arthur Howell (1993-2000) & David Milan

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An Older June Palmer 

As Joanna Kent

As Rachel Wells

As Candy 

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She Walks in Beauty (1966) – Hardback book of Harrison Marks Studies

Magazine Listings:

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Brides in the Bath (1971)
June in Orbit
Artemis and Aktaion
Calamity June
Beauty & The Barn
Dream Goddess
Nightmare at Elm Manor (Flesh and Fantasies)
Hay Fever
Photo Session
Star Strip
China Garden
The Naked World of June Palmer 
The Naked World of Harrison Marks
The Uncensored Films of June Palmer – Reel  1, 2 & 3

Molly Peters

Molly Peters was a gorgeous and voluptuous British blonde bombshell actress and model who appeared in a handful of films and TV shows during her acting career in the mid 60s. Molly was born in 1942 in Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk, England and started out as a model and she graced the covers of and posed in pictorials for many of the men’s magazine of that period. In her early modelling career she posed for HM and appeared in multiple issues of Kamera and other HM publications and glamour films.

Molly achieved her greatest enduring cult cinema popularity with her memorably and sensuous portrayal of Patricia Fearing, the fetching masseuse who gets seduced by James Bond at the Shrubland health club in “Thunderball.” She was discovered by director Terence Young and has the distinction of being the first Bond girl to be seen taking her clothes off on screen. In the wake of her 007 stint Peters acted in two more movies and popped up on episodes of the TV shows “Armchair Theatre” and “Baker’s Half-Dozen.”

Real Name: Molly Peters
Date of Birth: 1942
Modelling Aliases:
Measurements: 37-2437  Height: 5’6″
Eye Colour: Brown 
Hair Colour (Natural): Brown
Hair Colour (Dyed): None.

Molly Peters Images

Ann. (Harrison Marks reprints)
Beau (US)
Beautiful Britons No.88
Breeze No.2
Champagne. 2 Unnumbered editions. (Harrison Marks reprints)
Flirt ‘n Skirt 1
Flirt ‘n Skirt Extra (pt 2)
Folies de Paris et Hollywood (various issues)
Francoise. Harrison Marks reprints
Health & Efficiency – Various inc No.785 and Dec ’65 and Feb ’67 (Cover)
Kamera No.
50, 51, 52, 54, 60, 73 & 76
Men Only
Mirage No.9 (Harrison Marks reprints)
Modern Man (US)
Pagan No.7 (Harrison Marks reprints)
Parade – Numerous
Parade Carnival – June 1966
Parade/Escort June (Year Not Known)
QT No.60
Revue Nouvelle Sexie 
Solo No.36
Topless c.1965

Behind the Scenes with Thunderball (1995)
Don’t Raise the Bridge, Lower the River (1967) With Vicky Kennedy
Geheimnis der gelben Mönche, Das (1966)
Thunderball (1965)

Glamour Films: 
Making Hay – Kamera Cine Films (with Frankie Young)
As Nature Intended – Kamera Cine Films (with Frankie Young amd Sophia Dawn) 

Molly Peters
Brush with a Body
The Naked World of Harrison Marks

Other Publications: 
She Walks in Beauty (1966) – Hardback book of Harrison Marks Studies
Kamera Calendar 1965