June in the Bath (Video Clip)

After posting a recent video clip of June Palmer the Newlywed, John W was kind enough to send me his full version of ‘Brides in the Bath’, which runs to nearly an hour long!  Anyway I’m currently working out a way to get the whole thing hosted so I can publish it.

In the meantime as a test a little clip from it, with June taking a bath (contains some nudity if easily offended!)

Usual disclaimer applies – If you wish to share this clip, then please ask or link back to this original, otherwise it will be removed!  

June Palmer The Newlywed (Video Clip)

Another great little find over on YouTube from John W  The Clip is of June Palmer in a short extract from the never finished epic “Brides in the Bath”, shot by June’s then husband Arthur Howell.
Summary: George finds that being married to Margaret is not what he thought it would be as he has several attempts at getting amorous with Margaret, all ending in failure!  In a brilliant piece of casting June plays the dowdy middle-aged spinster Margaret Elizabeth Lofty, who remains clothed (Just!) throughout despite George ‘s best efforts!

As John on his summary says – I think Palmerphiles round the world would like this clip, which has never been seen since it was shot, I think in 1971.