Reflecting on June (Original)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some original images of June taken by Itsgardin and as luck would have it he’s just posted two great new shots of her. Posing in front of a mirror, these shots were taken by Itsgardin in 1987 at Arthur Howell’s home and are fabulous. Not only do we get see see the maturing, but still fabulous body of June, but we see it in duplicate in the reflection.

As a young girl June kept herself clean shaven for all of her professional glamour work, which somehow seemed right when you see the early uncensored shots of her. As she matured and did less professional work and more private work she let things grow, giving her a magnificent pussy to see in shots like this. Again, as she got older it just seems right that she had a more natural look, which I do prefer.

Thanks as always to Itsgardin for these new images of June 🙂

An Older June at Home (Original)

Two more shots of an older June posing at her home with Arthur Howell in 1987 and taken by Itsgardin.  The rest of these shots that I’ve published so far can be found here, but these two are great semi candid shots with the last one showing June enjoying a tipple of white wine.  The glass looks empty to me, so she either downed it or it wasn’t full when the shot was taken.

Thanks to Itsgardin for these two great shots.

June Palmer & The Dining Room Chair! (Original)

After posting this image by John W of a younger June posing on a dining room chair in a supposed Hotel room, Itsgardin contacted me to confirm that actually the place wasn’t a hotel or set at strobe, but at June and Arthur’s house. He then followed that up with the above image taken in 1987, which clearly shows an older June sitting on the same chair! I suppose there is a chance the chair or chairs were at Strobe and once they closed it down took the chairs home, but at least we know where they ended up!

Who’s Watching June? (Original)

The last two shots from John W’s set of June and the Venetian Blinds. What a fantastic set this has been and one of my favourites from John as it shows a very relaxed June at home playing  and posing with the blinds and peeking out as she opens them up. The top shot is a particular favourite as the blind is nearly fully up for all to see a nude June in the window.

Thanks to John for such a great set and the full set of shots can now be seen here


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

June at Home in 1987 (Original)

What an inviting view at home it is as well! June sat on a sofa in her own home taken by Itsgardin in 1987 and a companion to this shot. I’m just loving these shots of an older June in her 40’s as she’s lost none of her poise and sex appeal. Thanks to Itsgardin for sharing them and I’d love to see more from this set 🙂