Ann Wilson – Saturday Sue

Saturday Sue (Ann Wilson) in the bath from the pages of Gentleman Magazine (January 1965). Two wonderful shots of Ann posing in the bath, although the colour shot shows off the gaudy colour scheme of the bathroom too much for my liking! Also there must have been a male living in the house where these were taken, as a classic bottle of Old Spice can be seen on the window ledge of the top shot!

Bath Time With Ann Walker

Ann Walker with an unusually big bouffant hairstyle from her, as we’re more used to seeing her with it short or tied back. This shot is of her naked in the bath, but not sure it’s warm enough looking at the nipples on her!

Vera Day Nude

Two shots of Vera Day from the hardback book ‘Vera’ by Harrison Marks showing off a nude Vera in the top shot, with obvious re-touching and a shot in the familiar mirrored bath. Several models including Pamela Green and Tina Graham have posed in that bath before and one assumes this may be in GHM’s flat?

Bathtime With June Palmer (Original)

I’ve seen one shot from this set before and it was one of my first June Palmer shots I published over on Tumblr here, but here are two more from the set.

These are originals sent by John and obviously from 120 film and taken in the late 1960’s, but as John says the bottle of Miss Dior on the side of the bath might give a clue as to when the picture was taken. Any packaging experts out there to help identify the year?  I’m sure my gran had that wallpaper as well!  These images were in excellent condition and needed a slight pink tinge removing and some minors specks of dirt.

Finally, what the hell is that contraption on the wall in the bottom picture?

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