Lydia Barton – Sultry or Sulky! (1950’s)

Another silver gelatin photograph of Lydia Barton showing a different side to the one we see of her in early editions of Kamera in the late 1950’s.  The early shots of Lydia are very glamour/cheesecake in style, whereas this shot, along with the other I posted is slightly more risqué in it’s style and her pose. I can’t quite decide if she is trying to look sultry or just fed up in this shot!

Chere’s Perfect Rear View (Original)

The first image I have of the model known as Chere, who entered the real world of Harrison Marks in January, 1966. Subsequent photos of her appear in Kamera No.73 & 74, but this shots comes from an original medium format negative sent over by Kevin. A nice early evening photo shoot in GHM’s flat, if you look at the time on the clock 🙂


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

The Excellent Erica! (Original)

A shot of Erica by Harrison Marks from another restored silver gelatin print sent over by Girlymag, as she sits naked on the edge of the bed looking all coy! This came from a small set of 3 prints of Erica which I’d never seen before until now, but superb quality and an even better view.


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

Ann Austin – A Stocking Tease! (Original)

A great image from a restored silver gelatin photo being sold by Girlymag of Ann Austin teasing us as she strips off a stocking. But let’s not forget the other great view on offer in this shot, Ann’s magnificent chest. Thanks to Girlymag for sharing this Ann Austin shot with me.

Redhead with Seriously Sexy Curves Ahead! (Updated)

A now identified redheaded model posing on the bed for Harrison Marks, and my god what a figure and what curves! Thanks to Kevin for again sharing this stunning redhead with us 🙂 Looks to be a slightly older model, not that I’m any good at getting ages right! I’ve actually now identified her as Teresa Seymour with long dyed hair!

It’s amazing what you find when looking through obscure stuff! I got sent a copy of the Pamar Colour Slides catalogue by Paul from Firebirdlondon Records and there on page 4 is slide set No.15 offering 8 magnificent slides of ‘Therese Seymoure’, with a similar shot to the one above. When you actually compare this shot to others of Teresa Seymour with shorter blonde hair it’s obviously her, but it wasn’t until I saw her name in the catalogue I made the connection.

So another model identified and thanks to Paul for all the slide catalogues he sent over 🙂