Maria Provost – Kamera or Revue?

Two more shots of Maria Provost in the bedroom of Harrison Marks flat. They probably originated from Kamera No.61, but look to have been double retouched (if that makes sense!) as the bottom image has pubic hair added back in. This was a favoured by the Nouvelle De Serie Revue or Studio magazines, that reprinted a lot of GHM’s work.

Give Us a Call Maria!

Maria Clarence in various poses on the bed with an old style telephone, maybe giving you the impression she’s talking dirty to someone on the other end! One thing I hadn’t noticed before now about Maria, didn’t she have hairy arms and very small button like nipples!

June Palmer – Bedroom Glamour

A shot of a young June (1950’s) with long hair posing on the bed in just jewels and a mink shawl, probably by Russell Gay for QT or Model, but can’t confirm. A very glamorous shot of June!
Update: This seems to be a shot fron the glamour film by Russell Gay ‘So Fur … So Good!’ Part 1 🙂