Sultry Sylvana (Original)

One of three prints of Sylvana Manto (Madelaine Bannister) from Kevin, posing on this set with longer hair and the white curtains in the background. ¬†I liked Sylvana before, but Kevin has now got me hooked on this lady with her great figure, dark hair, prefect lips and sultry look. A very classic looking 1950’s/60’s model with great curves and tits too! More of her to come from this set and others.

Cherry Gilham – A BJ For Benny! (Original)

Just when I thought I’d run out of stuff sent through by Terry Sparks a load of new images of his work arrive in the mail from him ūüôā

This is Cherry Gilham who Terry discovered in 1971 and this is the first nude she ever posed for in March 1972, along with 12 others that Terry sent through from the same set. They all show Cherry posing amongst the cushions with this chain bikini bottom and range from topless like this to fully nude exposing a fine bush! ¬†Cherry is probably more well known for appearing with Benny Hill in the 1970’s on the ‘Benny Hill Show’, as one of the bevy of beauties that used to regularly appear on the show. ¬†I was a big fan of the show myself and used to love seeing the speeded up chase sequences where Benny chased the scantily clad women or they chased him. All good tongue in cheek smutty fun back then, but it seems behind the scenes things got a bit more naughty! Cherry¬†also admitted in her autobiography that she gave Benny several blowjobs in his house after filming was over for the day, naughty girl!¬†As well as working on the Benny Hill show Cherry¬†also appeared¬†several times on the Sun’s Page 3, several film parts and wrote a regular column in the Daily Mail newspaper. ¬†There is plenty out there about Cherry if you Google her name, but I for one love this shot from Terry and the others that I’ll sort out soon.

A big thank you as ever to Terry for allowing me to share his work from back then. I find his insight and little anecdotes about the models and his time with them so fascinating and always a pleasure to share.


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Ann Austin’s Curves From Below!

Two restored prints of a nude Ann Austin posing above the camera, giving us a magnificent view of her curvaceous body, wonderful boobs and the not so wonderful wallpaper! I prefer the top shot as you get to see more of Ms Austin’s body and her curves, along with a hint of stubble where she obviously trimmed! It looks as though the wallpaper was actually a screen used for posing in front of, as you can see the proper wall and wallpaper behind it in the tops shot. Cracking stuff from Ann Austin though.

June Palmer – A Tight Squeeze!

A beautiful shot of a young June taken by Russell Gay and may well have appeared in one of his publications, but it’s unknown as to which and when. I’ve seen a similar shot of June in this outfit before, but that corset looks a damn tight fit to me, but I know that’s the point and gave a woman the curves she craved, but still looks like she can’t breathe! Love the outfit of black panties and stockings, plus the long hair and beauty spot. It also looks to have been taken at the same time as¬†the glamour film ‘So Fur … So Good!‘, also by Russell Gay

The Magnificent Nipples of Lucienne (1971)

About time we had some more of Lucienne Camille, or as she is better known Sylvia Bay and those magnificent nipples of hers! These two shots come from the pages of Girl Illustrated Vol.5 No.5 (1971). I prefer the second page to the first as she looks a bit rough in the first.¬†Her body in the shots I’ve seen always seems to have a sheen to it and I love the contrast of her dark skin against the white of her bathrobe and panties in these. Thanks to Beutelwolf over on VEF for these scans.