Eva’s Wild Wallpaper

Eva Wild with dark red lips and perfect nips! Posing for Harrison Marks with the familiar floral wallpaper in the background. With perfect make-up those raised eyebrows and closed lips give a look of strictness about her, but then you realize she’s nude and your focus moves to those tits and hint of bush between her arms.

A Cracking Shot of June! (Original)

A different shot of June in more than one way, she’s clothed, sort of and seems to be posing as part of a scene from a film or something similar? The other things to notice are that she’s wearing a black bra, but the panties are pink, as she’s wearing the same ones here.  The image came from John and as he says – June the safe cracker,  but June, have you considered that the money might be in the biscuit tin behind you?


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Ann Austin – All for a Glass of Wine!

What some girls will do for a glass of wine! Drop their dress and get their ample tits out apparently looking at this shot of Ann Austin being very obliging! If it were that easy I’d have had a few bottles of red handy for when Ann dropped round, just in case she also fancied popping them out 🙂

Margaret Nolan – A Sly Look

A young looking Margaret Nolan giving us a sly sideways look as we get a great view of her body in this side on shot. I hadn’t really noticed until this shot how rounded her areola were and with very little nipple definition, or maybe it’s just this shot? You can clearly see she has nipples in other shots, but they are very flat almost sunken in to the areola.  Not a complaint, just an observation 🙂

June Palmer – It’s All in the Eyes! (Original)

A portrait of June looking rather stunning with long hair, looking directly at the camera as she holds a sheer white negligee to her bosom.  You can just see one nipple through the sheer negligee, but what a fantastic look she is giving the camera in this shot.