The Phenomenal Pat Ebden

I’ve pretty much posted everything I have on this phenomenal beauty, as there really doesn’t seem to be much around of Pat. It seems nearly of her stuff was taken by and published in magazines by Russell Gay, including this shot that appeared in Amber No.59. This is the only shot I have from that magazine, so I suppose there could be more of her, but alas I have no more!

If anyone has any decent images of Pat they would like to share here, please do let me know? Here is what I have posted to date, with just a few shots yet to post 🙁

A Pilgrims Tale! (1960’s)

I’ve had this image along with 20 others of this stunning dark haired natural beauty for sometime, but never knew whom she was until now. All of the shots feature her posing around a house, mostly living room and bedroom and from the looks of the décor I guessed it was in the UK, thus meaning the model could also be from the UK. A stunning body and natural bush, which I can now say belongs to the model named as Laura Pilgrim.

How do I know this, well thanks to Paul from Firebird Records, who recently sent me a whole collection of 1960’s magazine covers I found the cover below.

I only have a few select pages from the magazine, but it identifies Laura as the model and the photographer as Jerry Waldo, but features a whopping 72 images of her, some of which are similar to the 20 shots I have. So thanks to Paul and an unexpected find I’ve been able to name another stunning model, thanks Paul 🙂


Angela Duncan – Maid To Enjoy! (Original)

Or should that be a pair made to please! Either way a fabulous shot of Angela Duncan in a type of maid/wench outfit and lowering the top to give us a view of those big beautiful tits. Thanks to Kevin for sending this shot of Angela and others recently, you can never have enough of Angela I say!

A Candy Crush

I always had a bit of a thing for Candy Earle on my old site and still have quite a collection of her images, so thought it was time to share a few on here. A great shot of Candy here posing nude in the kitchen doorway, giving us a great view of her body and tan lines highlighting her neatly trimmed bush!