June Palmer – Highlighted on Black (Original)

A second shot from the ‘Nude on Black‘ series from John and this time a different view than the norm, as in a rear view! Most images tend to focus on the obvious front views of June, but this shot of June from behind is a stunner! The way June is kneeling with her feet tucked under her and the use of lighting just highlights a wonderful view of her beautiful bum in this shot, so shapely and round and a rear view worth looking at you will agree!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

June Palmer – Passport to Smoking Pleasure! (Original)

A brand new shot of June from John W’s collection, showing her enjoying a cigarette in front of the camera. I just love the use of the black background to help capture the smoke in the shot. John also included some quotes from cigarette adverts back in the 1960’s/70’s, such as ‘You’re never alone with a Strand’, ‘Cool as a mountain stream’ and ‘The international passport to smoking pleasure’. I can’t say I remember any of those, as I was far too young, but still funny seeing cigarette’s advertised in such a way, when now you can’t even show the packets in the shop, let alone see an advert on TV!

June Palmer – Nude on Black (Original)

From the same set of negatives as ‘June’s Little White Number‘ comes another set of June taken at the same time, but this time capturing June posing nude against a black background. Another superb set of 18 images of Just June naked, what more could you want?


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

June – Nude on Black

An unknown shot (date or publication) of June posing against a black background, which only helps to clearly highlight her wonderful figure at the time.  Arms held above the head seems to be a popular pose, which I suppose is better than down across the chest!