Della’s Rose (Original)

Since I received this image from Kevin I’ve not be able to stop staring at it, as it’s an absolute stunner! One of the most engaging and beautiful shots of Della Fox I’ve ever seen, as she stands shrouded in light holding that rose. Everything about it works and shows off her figure and those fantastic tits to great effect, there is even a hint of pussy if you look closely, which I have for a long time 😉

Time to stare at it some more … enjoy! and Thanks Kevin your a star for sharing this beauty.

Paula Page – A Perfect Chair Adornment!

My teachers always told me not to lean over the back of my chair at school, but I bet they never saw Paula Page like this! If I’m having a big tits day I just had to include the beautiful hangers of Ms Page. This shot comes from the aptly named ‘Big Book of Breasts’

Pamela Green – The Golden Hour!

Did Pamela Green ever take a bad photo? Looking at those I’ve published and seen so far I don’t think so, in fact the camera loved her and whatever pose she tried seemed to work. 

The above image is a good example of her at her best posing for Harrison Marks on the Scilly Isles for Kamera on Location (1958). Taken with one of GHM’s Rolleiflex (F.16/125) with a medium green filter in the golden hour (The hour before sunset) it captures Pam’s glistening body in the setting sun to perfection.  The shape she had her body, the curve of the hip toward the camera and not even looking at the camera all set this shot up and seems so effortless. Truly the golden age of glamour photography I believe!