Pamela Green in Quadruple (Original)

I love this set of Pamela in the bath taken by Harrison Marks in the bathroom of his Gerrard Street flat. The use of the mirrors to see Pam from every angle is brilliant and this is the second of three shots I have from this set (There must be more!), all sent through by Kevin.  All are scanned from 35mm Pamar negatives and this particular shot was a little dark, so need lightening up a little, but didn’t lose it’s quality! Thanks Kevin 🙂

Sue Owen – Kamera Calendar, May 1968

A blonde Sue Owen posing sat on a slightly crushed lobster pot for the May page of the 1968 Kamera Calendar. The shot also features fishing nets again, which was another popular prop that GHM used throughout his early and later shots.

Double ‘D’ Della!

Cracking shot of Della Fox with her magnificent chest sticking out from between her chequered shirt! I love the whole costume, from the way the shirt is buttoned up around her boobs and her fishnets, but not sure what the frilly thing is around her waist? Love the questioning look on her face as she stands in that pose.

Bobby Sparrow Uncovered -1972 (Original)

After my post last week of an original photo of bobby Sparrow on the beach at Pegwell bay, Terry has now sent through several more shots of her. They including this shot of Bobby without her wig and Terry remembers that he worked with her several times during 1971 and 1972, mostly shooting the stockings and suspender belt style photo for the American market. She usually wore the wig and the only picture of her without one is above, but it does match the to a similar one published in Oui.
Terry also recounts that she was a very lively girl and good fun to have a laugh with –  I remember one occasion when she proudly showed me her pubic area trimmed into a heart shape. I think her current boyfriend was a hairdresser.

I don’t know what happened to her after about 1973 as we lost touch, but I did see a rather distressing article in a national newspaper sometime in the mid 1990’s. It concerned an ex-glamour model called Roberta something who had developed MS and was terminally ill. There was a picture of a very sick lady laying in bed and I just could not make up my mind if it was her or not. I do remember that her real name was Roberta, so it may have been her or it may have been someone totally different.
Thanks to Terry for the story and hopefully the last part isn’t true and it wasn’t Bobby, but unfortunately these things do happen. Thanks also to Terry for more shots of Bobby at Pegwell bay and that heart shaped bush!

Double Top! Pamela Green & June Simpson – Kamera No.18 Cover (1959)

You can’t get much better than this as a cover shot from Harrison Marks for Kamera! Not one but two naked blonde beauties in the form of Pamela Green and June Simpson on the cover of Kamera No.18 (1959). The pose from June Simpson and angle that she’s stood just show off her figure and that great curvy bum to perfection and then there next to her is Pam looking as serene as ever! One of my top 5 Kamera covers I think and possibly taken at Ewhurst Manor in what looks to be a sun house? I’ve since learned that this set of photo’s of June & Pam was actually taken at Pam’s parents house in Kent of all places.