Brenda Graham – Pass Me The Oil! (Original)

Two restored 35mm slides of an oiled up Brenda Graham taken in September 1962.  These were originally colour slides, but they had degraded so badly to a magenta colour that even I couldn’t recover the colours, so I converted them to black and white. Either way two cracking shots of Brenda Graham and her glistening globes!

Nicky Stevens – Glad To See The Back of Her! (Original)

The second shot of Nicky Stevens from a scan of one of my original slides, this time a rear view of Nicky. The first slide up front shot of Nicky can be seen here and I’m sure there must be more from this set, but unfortunately I only have the two slides!

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Beverly Martin – Sexy Girl No.1

Two shots of Beverly Martin (Mary/Nelda Moren) from the 1960’s German publication Sexy Girl No.1. She looks a bit cold in the top shot and that fire could be with going on, but no idea where this could have been taken as it could have been either Ewhurst or Walden as both interiors were a similar style. Thanks to Terry who identified it as Walden Manor 🙂