Caron Gardner’s Risky Rear View

Two uncensored shots of Caron Gardner wearing just high heels and giving us a rear view of more than we normally see.  Taken from two restored 35mm slides in September 1962, which were originally colour but converted to black and white as so badly faded. Two great views of Caron, especially the top shot 🙂

Brenda Graham – She Can Squeeze My Apples Any Time!

Another cracking shot of Brenda Graham by Russell Gay, this time posing as she squeezes some apples in a press and Russell Gay sure had some wacky ideas for the way he posed his models! Saying that Brenda is a fine figure of a woman stood like that in her pink panties and silver high heels and as the title says, she can squeeze my apples any time!

Brenda Graham

A classic English blonde bombshell with a superb figure and curves in all the right places photographed by Russell Gay. Appeared in QT including the cover of No.21, but don’t have those! I have a few more shots of her and a few 35mm slides, with this shot coming from the 1950’s Glamour Book. Cracking figure and big teeth!