Ann Walker – Wanting To Burst Free! (Original)

A beautiful shot of Ann Walker laying on the bed highlighted by the light from a window. Sometimes it’s not always about the nudity (OK, most of the time it is!) rather than the tease or anticipation of what is to come. This is one of those shots that falls into that category, where we see Ann’s bosom and cleavage straining in her bra, almost ready to burst free. You can just imagine it and what is to come!


June Palmer’s Magnificent Mounds! (Original)

A close up shot of June Palmer from the late 1960’s that seems to be more of an outtake as it seems to be slightly out of focus, but it still works! It even looks like June is holding the camera above and taking the shot herself, very much like the modern day ‘selfie’ everyone now takes. What it does focus on though is those magnificent mounds of pleasure at he bottom of the shot, the stuff of dreams!

Thanks to John W for this shot of June from his collection.

June Palmer – Another Alluring Alley View (Original)

The second and final shot of June posing in an alleyway dressed in a leotard, but wearing it well and showing a bit of cleavage and a hint of nipple through the material. As discussed in the other post here, I wondered about the location of this shot and if it were near to Strobe Studio’s? Thanks to several members including ‘Gypsy Re Bethe’ the location has been confirmed as an Army parade ground at the back of Strobe Studio’s in St John’s Hill. Re knew June for many many years and knows the location very well and helped identify the location of this shot, plus helped me with other locations in other shots.

Unfortunately, the last shot from this set that I have, although I have seen others of lower quality of June from this set and similar posing on the back of a car.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

June Palmer – An Alluring Alleyway View! (Original)

I’ve just received another CD full of original June images from John W from a couple of 35mm films he’s purchased and the disc contains several interesting sets of a young June. There are additional images of June in leggings on the castle battlements, some of which I’ve already posted, a set of June dressed in the park and this shot! There are two shots from this set of June in the Alleyway, this one and one other, which is a shame as they are fantastic shots.

I love the pose from June in the leotard as she leans against the alley wall, with a buxom bosom showing, but I’m also sadly intrigued by the location and where this was taken. I wonder if it was taken near Strobe studio’s in Clapham and as you look back up through the alley you see a woman walking past what I think is a sign for Midland Bank?


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice.

Hanging Out With Ann (Original)

Ann Austin just about to fall out of her little black dress/negligee or by the look on her face just about to give up a flash of her magnificent tits, the later I hope! Fantastic shot of Ann in the woodlands with plenty of bosom and cleavage on show without showing it all.

Eve Eden – Cleavage You Could Park a Bike In!

It must be an intermammary cleft sort of day for me today, or cleavage shots to the rest of you! Another great smile from Even Eden, but nothing can distract you from looking at that great cleavage on show and as the title suggests you could park a bike between those amongst of things!

Paula Page – An Eyebrow Raising Cleavage

Another shot of the well endowed Ms Page from the ‘Big Book of Breasts’. Not as revealing as the others but still giving us plenty of bosom to view! I’m not too sure what attracts my attention more in this shot, her cleavage or her bizarre ‘Spock’ like eyebrows! Either way she could ‘beam me up’ any time!