June Palmer Profile View (Coloured)

I hadn’t seen this image before Oldiznewagain coloured and posted it over on Tumblr, but I must say it’s a beautiful shot of her in it’s own right. The coloured version especially her hair and face are excellently done and the only slight critique I would have suggested, would to have used a lighter or more contrasting colour for the background on the left hand side? The curve of her bosom seems to get blurred and lost in the background at the bottom and a contrast like red may have helped? That said both the original and coloured versions are exquisite!

Jackie Salt Rear View (Coloured)

Oldiznewagain has been busy recently with his coloured versions of old classics and here is another. This time a rear view of Jackie Salt from Kamera No.44 (Not June Palmer!) and the original version below it. I did notice that Angela Jones had been removed from between Jackies legs (Oooer!), but I suppose it’s more aesthetically pleasing that way? Personally I’d have used the image below of Jackie, as far less messing about with trying to remove Angela from between Jackie s legs, if you know what I mean!

On a separate note I wonder if I spend too much time looking at these girls if i can recognise Jackie’s arse at first glance!

Margaret Middleton – All On Show!

Margaret Middleton showing us everything, as she did from time to time from Stripper No.1. This girl was big in all areas, big Boobs and from the looks of it a big labia, either that or it is the position she’s sat in! I sure there are plenty of uncensored shots from the 1960’s of other models like this, there just seems to be more of Margaret around and on show!

A Seductive Look! (Coloured)

Another great coloured version of one of my originals by Oldiznewagain of June in that seductive pose!  The original colour from Oldiznew had June with redder hair, but it didn’t look quite as good as this version, but was still fantastic!  This one looks more realistic and could pass as an original coloured photo I think?

Both versions original and coloured together for comparison and I imagined that those very scant panties were gold before I even saw the coloured version 🙂