June Palmer Coloured From Girl Illustrated

It feels like a bit of a June Palmer day, not that there is anything wrong with that!  Another coloured version of June Palmer from my friend Oldiznewagain over on Tumblr and it always amazes me how good he gets the skin tones on these!

The original comes from Girl Illustrated magazine published in 1970 and is part of a set of 4 images and I’ll be publishing the full set of images later.

Lorraine Burnett & The Fan Coloured

Another fantastic coloured version from one of my original posts by Oldiznewagain. I know the colouring of old original black and white photo’s isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this must be my favourite (for now!), as I love the choice of colours for the fan, gloves and sheet, they just make the image pop and stand out!

Excellent job as always Oldiznewagain!  Original Black and white version added for comparison.