What The Photographer Saw – Pamela Green (1952)

On Monday I published a single image of Pamela Green and a Soldier by Zoltan Glass, which was followed up with the full article from Lilliput Magazine in December 1952 from Simon.  Anyone that looked through the full article will have noticed a reference to Pamela appearing in an earlier edition of Lilliput that same year.

I now have that earlier article and the six images of Pamela by six different photographers of the time.  The photographers included Roger Wood, Alan Duncan, Philip Gotlop, Philip Boucas, Angus McBean and my particular favourite of the lot Joan Craven.  The article appeared in Liiliput Magazine, September – October 1952 and I’ve included the cover for completeness. Thanks as ever to Simon for the scans from his collection!

The Welcome Return of Miss Pamela Green

After posting this shot earlier today I knew someone would be able to identify where the image came from or who took it and as usual Simon came up trumps!  Not only did he identify the image as taken by Zoltan Glass, but he scanned and sent me the original article below!

The following set came from Lilliput Magazine December 1952, Vol 32 No. 1 Issue 187, so my initial guesstimate wasn’t far off!

Thanks must go to Simon for scanning this from his own personal Pam archive 🙂

Vintage Pamela Green

Good things come in small packages, so they say!  So here is a nice little image I found on my Internet travels of a young Pamela Green.
Not a large or good quality image, but unmistakably Pam!  God knows what it was doing in amongst a load of nudist images, but then I suppose she is nude! (Source: Nudistfun.com)

Black & Blonde – A Contrasting Sue Owen in Carnival Magazine

As a Blonde in Carnival, December 1966
 And Dark Haired on The Beach in Carnival, February 1968.  Looking at these and Other Photo’s I Think I actually Prefer Her with Dark Hair!