Elaine Desmond – Etudes No.7 Cover

Elaine Desmond sporting a wicker hat on the cover of Etudes Plastique Album No.7 (1955) by Belorgey and Roland Carre.  A wonderful 32 page French magazine, but unfortunately the only recognisable model is Elaine on the cover, the rest although very nice are unknown French/European models.

I must say that for a 59 year old magazine it is in exceptional condition, as these magazines have detachable covers similar to a dust jacket.  That means the magazine inside is nearly perfect condition with no wear to the page edges of discolouration. It came as part of a bundle of magazines I aquired and rather than putting it to one side to gather dust I thought I’d have a go at selling it on eBay.  Take a look if interested, but in the meantime enjoy the cover 🙂

Ann Day – Kamera No.87

More of Ann Day and her big boobs from Kamera No.87 (1968).  My copy of this magazine arrived today and for 45 years old it is in almost immaculate condition, I’d actually say this copy hasn’t been distributed as it has no creases or marks anywhere!  The colour images are perfect with no fading at all and all for the bargain cost of £4 including postage! This is the final image in the magazine on page 48 and one that shows Ms Days perfect big tits!

More of Kamera No.87 and Ann Days tits to come …

In Black & White – Parade No.1198 (1962)

The double Tri-coloured page from Parade No.1198 (24th November, 1962) featuring some lovely ladies in black and white underwear.  My personal favourites are of course Sophia Dawn in white, but also Rochelle Lofting in that black number!  From my own scan of the magazine with colours restored and the odd blemish removed 🙂

June Palmer – Expert at Squeezing!

June Palmer from the ‘Cocktail’ page of Parade No.1194 (27th October, 1962), which again confirms she was a proficient accordion player, amongst other things!  A direct scan from the actual magazine, purchased with 16 other editions of Parade from 1962/63 last week 🙂

Connoisseurs Choice Vol.4 No.1 Cover Featuring June Palmer

My latest acquisition just arrived, a copy of Connoisseurs Choice and Modelling Review Vol.4 No.1 with a very young June Palmer on the cover.


A small 14 by 21cm (5½ by 8¼ inches) magazine consisting of 24 pages of mostly full page photo’s of models nude, topless and in various types of lingerie.   Undated but probably late 1950’s and this copy contains 4 full page shots of June Palmer that I’ve not seen before (I’ll scan & publish them soon!)
There are also some great adverts for photo sets and models for hire with some well known faces, such as Lorraine Burnett and Virginia Green to name two!

I also got CC & MR Vol.2 No.4 featuring Eve Eden, some more to come!