Rusty Gaynor – Kamera No.55 (1963)

Harrison Marks did three photo shoots with Rusty and published 37 photographs of her across Kamera No.50 (1962), No.51, No.53 and, 55 including the above front cover and eleven other pages.  Shots of her also appeared in No’s 59, 63 & 74 and the large format hardback book ‘She Walks in Beauty’.

Rusty was originally a stripper from Soho and a her full story ‘Rusty Gaynor: The Vice Queen’ can be found over on the Official Pamela Green site.


Jackie Parker – Just Pigtails! (1963)

I found another shot of Jackie Parker in Kamera, this time in Kamera No.55 (1963), but from the same shoot as the others that appear in Kamera No.40.  A familiar background used for other shoots such as Pamela Green, but great to see Jackie showing off her great assets (and pigtails) in Kamera.

Bobby’s Bush (1969)

There was only ever going to be one title for this post 🙂 and also to celebrate the fact I can show Bobby’s magnificent bush without fear of censorship from big brother now!  Bobby Shaw in all her glory from the pages of Nature’s Intention Vol.1 No.1 (1969), plenty of bush and bark on show in this shot!

Pam’s Pigtail Pout! (1958)

Another studio shot of Pamela Green wearing a long dark wig with pigtails from Kamera No.7 (1958), this time with the towel draped over her leg rather than her head! I’ve not commented before but she has a very Indian Squaw look in these shots I Think?

Spots before Your Eyes With Paula Page (1960)

And we’re back and let’s start with a wonderful shot of the rather magnificent Paula Page and her bountiful boobs on full display from Kamera No.30 (1960).  How could you call this shot anything other than art, just look at the pose, the background and of course the leopardskin rug 🙂