Who Was Doris Weems?

Back in June I published an article from Caper Magazine on ‘Ewhurst Manor’ and the owners, but noticed that the first page seemed to be missing.  I’ve been on the hunt for it and finally a few weeks ago found a full version of Caper Vol.9 No.4 from July 1963, which included the full article, result! I now have the first page, which is included below, but it got me thinking, who is the woman taking the photo?
Sad as it may sound I was able to identify Jayne Tracey from the rear view, but the woman taking the photo in this shot made me curious.  She also partly appears in a second shot from the same article, again with JT modelling.
Having dug around I found a further two photographs that appear to be taken at the same time at Ewhurst, but this time in colour.
With these two photographs was a name … Doris Weems, which is new to meI’ve tried to find out more about her, but as of yet come up blank.  So, who was Doris Weems and what was her relationship to Harrison Marks or to Ewhurst itself?
If anyone can shed some further light on this question please do let me know?



Wendy James – On Location 66

Kamera on Location 66 was shot over 2 weeks on location at Bedruthan Beach, Cornwall in the early summer of 1966 (14th May – 28th May).  Harrison Marks used 8 models to pose on and around the beach, which was used because of it’s secluded nature due to poor access.  There were 4 models the first week, which included Teri Martine, Nicky Stevens, Alicen Warden & of course Wendy James