Pamela Green – Double Bubbles! (Original)

This has to be my favourite colour set of Pamela Green and not just because it includes her! I just love the whole set up of the shots in the bath, the use of reflections and mirrors, so we see all angles of Pam’s body and of course just seeing her soapy, wet body.  This shot is no exception as we see her kneeling in the bath giving us a front view of her body, with one hand covering her modesty, although the shadows suggest we wouldn’t see much if the hand wasn’t there. We also get to see a rear view due to the reflection in the bath mirrors.

This is the third shot from the ‘Bath Set‘ and I have one more from Kevin to post, but I know he has at least one more 🙂 Originally from Pamar slides, Pam looks slightly older than her appearances in Kamera, which would suggest it’s towards the end of the Green/Marks relationship, mid 1960’s but I may be wrong?

Ann Walker – Full On View! (Original)

It’s been ages since I’ve posted a Ann Walker image, so I thought I’d rectify that now with an original image of her from one of my own negatives. Taken in the studio by Harrison Marks this shot gives us a great view of Ann’s figure as she kneels smiling to something off camera right. Plus we get a full on view of more than one smile, that would never have got past the censors of the time, but thankfully we get to see Ann in all her shaven glory here 🙂

Coincidentally I’ve just received Kamera No.44 in the post today and this very image appears on page 42, but reversed. This also puts the date of the shot at around 1961 and I’ll publish the version from the magazine as soon as I’ve scanned i.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

The Lovely Lena (Original)

A beautiful portrait of Lena Ellis who was already an established mid-sixties glamour model when she was chosen by Harrison Marks for the second week of the 1966 on location shoot in Cornwall. Such a stunning shot of her with those perfect lips and smile, but not big in the bosom department, but a nice small perky pair all the same.

Virginia Green – Devils View! (Original)

Another shot of Virginia Green amongst the props by Harrison Marks, similar to this shot from the same shoot. This one gives us a much clearer view of her body and we are all looking the same place as the devils head! Another original scan of a negative from Kevin and a great one of Virginia that leaves little to the imagination!


The cropped and censored version of this shot was published in Solo No.15 P3 (1960)

Margaret Nolan – Haystack Drama! (1964)

A very dramatic pose amongst the hay from Margaret Nolan from page 111 of She Walks in Beauty (1964) by Harrison Marks. I think this must be one of the last solo shots of Margaret I’ve got to publish from SWiB, of which there are over 10 shots of her, but there are still a few duo shots of her to publish with Maria Clarence.