Marie Deveraux – The Perfect Catch! (Original)

A perfect catch and a perfect shot of Marie Deveraux by Harrison Marks. Taken in the studio is captures Marie using a fishing net as a make shift skirt and managing to hide her lower region from the camera.  Thanks to Kevin for another wonderful shot from his collection.

On The Right Track with Margaret (Original)

Margaret Nolan with longer hair posing for Harrison Marks on a railway line, probably on location down in Cornwall, as he’s used this track and location in shots before with other models. This image of Margaret also seems to come from the same shoot as this shot of her in the forest, as she seems to have the same hair style and make-up.

A stunning shot of Margaret on the tracks and she looks quite young in the shot, but still probably early to mid 1960’s I think?


Note: This is image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.

Lollie Shaw by Harrison Marks

Another model that posed for Harrison Marks was Lollie Shaw as in this image above and another model I’ve never heard of before now. Probably not her real name as per usual, but a great pair on her and love the chain belt!

Edit: Terry Sparks contacted me to say that he also knew her as Debbie Wynters and photographed her twice in June 1968, probably before GHM got hold of her.

Multiple Margaret’s! (1962)

Another shot taken from Kamera No.48 (1962) this time of Margaret Nolan posing beside a mirror. This way we get two views of her body in one shot with the use of reflections, what more could you ask for?

Gloria’s Come to Bed Eyes!

The beautiful Gloria Lomax posing nude on the stairs at Ewhurst Manor for Harrison Marks, taken from an original medium format colour negative. A simple but effective shot and who could resist that look! I think the mask on the wall beside Gloria has it’s tongue out, but who wouldn’t with a naked woman like Gloria next to you!


Note: This is image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.