Shadowed Beauty – Kamera No.19 (1959)

An unknown blonde beauty in two shots posing in front of a window frame from Kamera No.19 (1959). A stunning body, highlighted by the use of lighting and shadows I love the first shot of her and the way the shot shows off the curvy hips.  The second shot has a different focus using the shadows, we get to see the shape of her tits and view of her smooth shaven mons pubis. A perfect combination of pictures, but no idea on who this early GHM model is?

Rusty Gaynor – An Autumn Feel! (Original)

A restored colour 35mm negative of Rusty Gaynor by Harrison Marks sent over by Kevin, posing amongst the leafs, giving it a very Autumnal feel! I had to restore this a fair bit as it was very red in colour and grainy, but I think it’s come out OK? I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but Rusty’s tits always look too perfect for me, with very little droop, as if she’s had a boob job done. I don’t know if she had them done or they were naturally like that, but they don’t look very natural and I suppose as the ‘Mrs’ of a gangster the funds would have been available if she’d have wanted them done!

Kinky Boots in Blue! (Original)

Another one of my random colour negatives by Harrison Marks I purchased a while back, probably again from one of his later glamour films by Maximus Films? Again I don’t recognise the model, but I’m sure someone will enlighten me, but the overall feel of the shot appealed to me when I saw it. I love the long black kinky boots and stockings, as she poses in a blue based bedroom that matches the suspender belt! Then we have the slightly crooked wig as she stands there innocently showing off her small tan lined tits and hairy pussy beneath the suspender belt, delicious!

Finally you can’t keep the sheepskin rug out of the shots for long, as it makes a re-appearance in this shot 🙂

Update: The model has now been identified as Helga Berk/Berkmann.

Jayne Tracey (Video)

Time for another glamour film from the Harrison Marks library and this is another from the Kamera Cine Film collection. This is Kamera Cine Film No.37 titled and featuring ‘Jayne Tracey’, a 50 ft. black and white film taken in 1963. Compared to some of GHM’s earlier and later films it’s very simple, there is no scene or story to it, just Jayne posing before the camera as she strips out of her underwear. Simple but effective

The film is missing the opening credits, but is complete apart from that and is very good quality considering it’s age, but no sound on this one again, which is how it would have been watching it back then.

*This film is copyright George Harrison Marks Enterprises Limited

June Russell – Kamera No.19 (1959)

Two shots of the stunning June Russell by Harrison Marks from Kamera No.19, P5 and P9 (1959). Another model that knew how to wear a pair of earrings and nothing else and get away with it, very much like Julie Shearing.