June Simpson – Waves & Curves (1957)

June Simpson from Kamera Special No.1 (1957) posing on yet another animal skin rug for Harrison Marks. What I like about this shot is the way June is arching her back to extenuate her curves and the round curve of her bum.  I also love the waves of her blonde hair as they fall down across her shoulders.

Margaret Nolan – A Sea Shore Poised Pose (1964)

Margaret Nolan in a kneeling pose in the shallow waters at the sea edge from the ‘She Walks in Beauty’ (1964).  Taken by Harrison Marks on location down in Cornwall it’s a very graceful pose from Margaret that shows off her wet curves to full effect.  No idea on the location of this shot other than it was down on a beach in Cornwall somewhere 🙂

Valerie Williams – Sheer Black View (1950’s)

Four shots of Valerie Williams posing for Harrison Marks in and out of a sheer black dress/negligee.  The top two show off her curvy figure to great effect and the rest showing her nice round tits.  These were from a set of 14 silver gelatin photo’s of Valerie (see the theme today?) originally from the Bob Guccoine collection.

Lydia’s Libidinous Look!

This silver gelatin photograph of Lydia Barton by Harrison Marks shows a different side to the one we see of her in early editions of Kamera in the late 1950’s.  The early shots of Lydia are very glamour/cheesecake in style, whereas this shot is slightly more risqué in it’s style and her pose. Here we see her posing in the more familiar stockings and suspenders, with sheer black panties just giving you the slightest glimpse of her pussy beneath.  She’s looking directly at you as she smokes and the legs are apart and towards the camera, which is a much more suggestive pose.

I would also say that this was a later shot of Lydia than the others, probably early 1960’s, but just a guess as she looks slightly older and her figure looks rounder in this shot.  Either way, I kind of like this look from her, as she looks game for anything in this shot! Libidinous for those that don’t know means full of desire or lustful.