Jean Belvin Revealed! (1958)

This model or her name has been frustrating me since I started this blog a few years ago and the shot below was one of the first image restorations that I did.  She’s been on my unknown model list as No.4 for a long time, that is up until now thanks to Jeff.

Jeff has now identified the model as Jean Belvin, who not only appears in Kamera No.11 (1958), but other early Kamera publications such as Kamera Special No.2 (1958) and Toco magazines and Carnival Magazine (June 1958) as sent through by Jeff below

Jean Belvin-01

Thanks Jeff, another frustrating unknown model identified 🙂

Mary Deighan’s Behind (1958)

An early shot of Mary Deighan from Kamera No.11 (1958) giving us a perfect view of her great bottom as she poses bent over a bed for Harrison Marks. This photo also confirms that it may well have been taken at GHM’s flat and that this photo was taken by him as well, as it has the same curtains in both shots 🙂