The Classical June Simpson (1958)

A double page shot of June Simpson with her classical curves and platinum blonde hair in that very 1950’s style! Taken by Harrison Marks and appearing in Kamera No.11 (1958) there isn’t much more to say other than to enjoy the shot!

Eve Eden from Kamera No.11 (1958)

I’ve published a coloured version of this shot of Eve Eden by Oldiznewagain here, but never had a good copy of the original black and white version until now. This shot of Eve was by Harrison Marks and comes from Kamera No.11 (1958) and was published on page 30. Such a classical look on her looking straight at the camera and loving those curves and hips!

Thelma by Harrison Marks (1958)

Someone once asked if I had any shots of Thelma by Harrison Marks and at the time I only had one poor shot of her in my collection. Well that has now been rectified as I now have several good shots of her from Kamera No.11 (1958), including the colour centrefold shot of her above. A dusky Latin beauty that I know very little about, other than she posed for GHM in early editions of Kamera.

This shot comes from Kamera No.11 my latest acquisition and although complete and in good condition for it’s age the pages were splitting around the rusty staples.  I’ve restored colour and obviously removed the staple marks and a few scratches, but a fantastic colour shot of Thelma and an appearance of the Leopard skin rug again!