Jean, Judy & Sandy Too! (Original)

Restored from a scan of an original silver gelatin photo we have a great threesome in the shapes of Jean Rogers, Judy Geeson and Sandy Morrow. This shot is from early in the shoot as we only get a flash of boob as the girls drop their bra straps. Notice the contrast in size from left to right, Judy’s impressive bosom down to Jean’s pert little one! I have a few other shots from this set where this little threesome reveal more!

Very contrasting hairstyles as well and I think I prefer Jean Rogers as a blonde, as I’ve seen her with dark hair. Also, Sandy Morrow is another 1950’s model that has that typical 50’s hair style making her look older than she probably is, but making you think she shouldn’t be flashing what she is and that I shouldn’t be enjoying the view!


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

Marilyn Monroe – Black Lace Top Dress! (Original)

I don’t post many normal posts, but when I do they are absolute crackers! This is one of those shots and of non other than Marilyn Monroe, which comes from a scan of a 35mm latent slide from Kevin. I’ve been kindly allowed to post this here as it’s too good not to share, but sorry about the watermark as if we didn’t protect it in some way it would end up being copied and sold as prints by others on eBay! Yes, it happens more than you think to us, so hence the watermarks and only being shared here and nowhere else.

It’s still a stunningly beautiful shot of Marilyn in this revealing lace top dress and was taken by Bruno Bernard in 1959.


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

Jayne Tracey – The Original Pole Dancer! (Original)

A great uncensored shot of Jayne Tracey posing against the pole on the spaceship set and photographed by Harrison Marks. From an original negative scanned and sent over by Kevin, looks like she’s about to do a pole dance and I’d pay to see that! She was also very neat and tidy down below, very little for the censors to retouch 🙂


Note: This is an original image and subject to this copyright notice

Peggy Winters – 1950’s Classic Nude

Not one of my normal models to post, but a shot that again just appeals because of the very 1950’s feel to the shot. Peggy has a stunning body for all to see, with a very classic 1950’s hairstyle, but for some reason I shouldn’t expect to see her naked, but dressed very 1950’s style or as a Wren? Thanks to Kevin for sending over this fab shot of Peggy 🙂

Della’s Backstage Strip (Original)

Sometimes it’s the most simple of shots that have the bigger impact than a straight forward nude, and this is one of those shots. A shot of Della Fox taking off her dress, either backstage or in a dressing room revealing her underwear below. So simple, yet so elegant seeing the white lace of the underwear in contrast against the black dress. It looks a bit crowded back there as well, with those two big cello’s, but it still doesn’t detract the focus away from a stunning looking Della!


Note: This image is original and subject to this copyright notice