Suzi Shane Unshackled! (Original)

An original shot of Suzi Shane on the dungeon set by Harrison Marks, posing with what I think is part of a ‘rack’ or winch mechanism?  Either way it was probably used as part of some form of torture! Despite that a great uncensored original of Suzi and her full luscious bush!

Thanks again to Kevin for sharing this great shot of Suzi

Unknown Model, But Familiar Negligee! (Originals)

A couple of original shots of this model, but I have no idea who she is? She appears in the May page of the 1969 Kamera Calendar, but I’ve not seen any images of her in Kamera yet, but if they were later editions I have a big gap there, so may not have seen her yet in them.

Both of these shots appear to have been taken in GHM’s flat as does the calendar shot, so maybe all taken in one session?  I’d wager she’s also wearing a wig, which doesn’t help identification and the familiar long negligee worn by Monique Devereux and other makes an appearance!

Thanks to Kevin for sending over these shots.

June & The Plough! (Original)

Sent through be Kevin this is an odd shot of June, not June herself as she always looks good, but the place and backdrop! June looks stunning with long hair and in black panties, but what the hell is that behind her?  It looks like an old-fashioned plough that would be dragged along by horse, but I’m not sure? Surely there were better locations for June to pose than this or maybe it was an advert for agricultural equipment.  In that case I bet this shot sold loads of ploughs 🙂

Virginia Green – Pampered Pose (Original)


I was looking for an inspirational shot for posting today and it came in the guise of this stunning shot of Virginia Green sent by Kevin.  I love the pose of Virginia sat nude at the dressing table with her arms above her head with her fluffy slippers below her. The contents on the dressing table are interesting, we have talc (French Miss?), a compact and olive oil, what a combination! Thanks to Kevin as always for another great photo from his vast archive 🙂

June Simpson – Mirror Mirror on The Wall! (Original)

And June Simpson is definitely the fairest of them all! A perfectly framed original from Kevin of June Simpson by Harrison Marks posing in front of a mirror in his Gerrard Street flat from the late 1950’s. You see a great profile of her body and exposed tits in the main shot and a clear shot of her face in the mirror reflection. A cleaver but stunning shot and Thanks to Kevin for sending it over.