Lorraine Burnett – A Contrast on Black (Original)

A simple but effective shot of Lorraine Burnett kneeling to one side against a black background. The darkness provides a perfect contrast against her lighter skin, allowing us a perfect view of her body and tits.

June Kneeling Amongst The Waves (Original)

Another black and white 35mm negative of June that was probably produced as a colour negative as well, of June posing in the waves. This comes from the set of June wearing a black striped bikini posing on a beach in the UK somewhere, which I’ve published several colour shots before here.

On Your Marks with Lyn Hamilton! (Original)

This shot comes from Kevin and when I saw the model I recognised her, but couldn’t put a name to the face and body! On looking back through my lesser known and unknown models I believe this is another shot of Lyn Hamilton, but I may well be wrong?

If you look at the bottom shot in this post of Lyn, although at a different angle, it’s the same background, the hair style is the same, but then that hairstyle in the late 1950’s was very popular! What I can say with certainty, was that it was taken by Harrison Marks in the late 1950’s probably around 1957/58. So, is it Lyn?

June’s Perfectly Placed Pillows! (Original)

A very colourful set of cushions they are as well, all aligned like that for her to kneel on! But enough about them and more about the stunning form of June in this shot and her own fine set of pillows 🙂 Scanned and restored from one of my own 35mm slides, the colours in this shot, both from the background and cushions really work well against June’s naked body.


Note: This image is from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice.