Dawn Grayson – Kitchen Capers!

Dawn Grayson nude in the kitchen and posing for Ed Alexander for his book of English Beauties (1964). As Ed himself says, when photographing the nude indoors, a change from plain studio backgrounds can sometimes be made by using the average home as a setting, as long as the setting doesn’t detract away from the model.  Trust me, my eyes are firmly focussed on the model here!

June Palmer – Kneeling Nude

A lovely example of June with long dark hair ‘Kneeling Nude’. This comes from the US magazine Salon Photography No.75 (1967) and as the headline above says ‘Exemplifies British figure photography in the traditional style’.

From John W’s collection of June, so a big thanks to him for sharing with me 🙂

Margaret Nolan From Stripper No.1

Margaret Nolan exposing more than normal in this open legged shot taken from the Stripper No.1 (Mid 1960’s). Unfortunately the only shot of Margaret to appear in this magazine, as I’d love to see  the rest of this series? She’s also looking very blonde in this shot, not sure if it’s a wig or dyed!

June as Carnival Centrefold 1966

June Palmer posing topless on the beach for the centrefold of Carnival Magazine (September 1966). 

Thanks must go to Beutelwolf from VEF, who posted the original scan of June on VEF and then kindly sent me the full magazine.  Above is my own scan so that I could work my magic on it!