Peeping at Paula!

A view of a nude Paula Page and her massive tits through a keyhole shaped cover for ‘Peep’ magazine, date unknown.  I love the idea of seeing the model through a keyhole shape as it’s a bit peeping tom/pervy this way and my god Paula’s tits look huge in this shot!

Japanese June (Magazine Cover)

I came across this unusual magazine cover featuring June Palmer over on a friends (littlebunnysunshine) Tumblr and thought I’d share it here.  I’m not sure when this was published as my Japanese is a little rusty, but there’s also a reference to James Bond, so could have been in the 1960’s or 70’s or even more recent.  Even so it’s a great shot of June on the cover in little pink baby doll.

Rusty Gaynor – Kamera No.55 (1963)

Harrison Marks did three photo shoots with Rusty and published 37 photographs of her across Kamera No.50 (1962), No.51, No.53 and, 55 including the above front cover and eleven other pages.  Shots of her also appeared in No’s 59, 63 & 74 and the large format hardback book ‘She Walks in Beauty’.

Rusty was originally a stripper from Soho and a her full story ‘Rusty Gaynor: The Vice Queen’ can be found over on the Official Pamela Green site.


June Palmer – Kamera No.61 Cover (1964)

Another great image of June by Harrison Marks on the backstage set on the cover of Kamera No.61 (1964) and one that I also have a negative of the same shot (below). The backstage shoot of June posing with the long black negligee is a very well published and known set that crops up regularly and this shot is one of those well known images. The photo used for the Kamera cover is a wider and much more vibrant shot than the one from the negative, but obviously the negative shot is clearer and the colours restored, so more natural. Great to see both together with the differences for comparison.  The negative was duplicated (Internegative) from an original for selling as part of the June Palmer slide set No.60, so probably the reason it’s cropped more than the cover shot and original.  As an aside, most of the June 35mm negatives you see being sold individually or in sets are probably duplicates of the original negative.