Marilyn Monroe – Fiesta Magazine, July 1957

Not my normal post, but one I couldn’t resist! I’m a big Marilyn Monroe fan and I used to post images of her on an old blog, but there are so many images out there of her I got a little bored! I came across these shots and hadn’t seen them before and they were in an early Fiesta Magazine (July 1957), along with some other of my favourite models.  Anyway I loved the classic cover and her as the centrefold, so decided to post on here for a change 🙂


June in June! (1957)

June Simpson featuring on the cover and inside pages of Fiesta Magazine (June 1957), including the double page centrefold. These shots have June with short cropped blonde hair, rather than the more familiar long blonde curls when she posed for Harrison Marks.

Jayne Tracey – The Sexual Stimulation of Clothes!

Jayne Tracey wearing that red rubber outfit again, this time on the cover of Modern Life Illustrated Vol.1 No.1. Taken from the same shoot as the cover of Pussy Cat No.2, as it has a similar cover and photo’s of Jayne. I bet it was fun getting her in and out of that outfit and I’d have offered a hand or two!

Julie – Kamera No.9 Cover

Finally got my hands on a very good condition copy of Kamera No.9 (1958) featuring the ever exotic Julie! Plenty of Julie shots inside including the colour centre pages, along with other great early HM models, including Pamela Green (of course!), Margaret Warhurst, Sylvana Manto and Lorraine Burnett. 
An excellent conditioned copy with very little wear considering it’s age and all for the bargain price of £4.99 from eBay. Yes that low! I know most copies in good condition go for a lot more, but unfortunately or fortunately in my case eBay crashed last week for several hours and I was winning the auction at £4.99, but expecting it to go a lot higher. Anyway the auction disappeared during the crash and it’s end time passed, so I assumed it would be re-listed, but no I got an email I’d won it at the starting price and the seller honoured it! So thanks to the eBay crash and a nice seller I got Kamera No.8 and Kamera No.9 for a total of £11! Must have been my day as never normally that lucky on bidding.