June Palmer – Miss TV Times Entry (1959)

This isn’t actually a new image of June as I published this image back in July 2013, but this is a much better quality image and comes from a new source that also provided some background to the shot. Another John (I’ll call him JAS!) and another huge fan of June that has his own enviable collection of June memorabilia. JAS has acquired his collection over the years from different sources, including June herself and also had the good fortune to have met and photographed June as well.

This particular shot was taken and submitted for the 1959 Miss TV Times competition and according to JAS the entry form signed by June is glued to the back of this image. I loved this shot when I first published it, but it’s even better when you have the background to a shot.  For completeness I’ve asked if JAS will scan the back so we can see the entry form, so hopefully I’ll be able to add that in due course.

A big thank you to JAS for sending this through along with the background and I look forward to seeing more of his June collection 🙂

Update: Thanks to JAS I’ve now included the hand written entry form from the back of the image below.