Paula’s Puppies!

Scan of a silver gelatin photo of Paula Page giving her puppies a good squeeze as she poses on a chair. A great shot of Paula pulling quite a funny face as she poses and notice the only thing she’s wearing is an ankle chain.

Pamela Green – Amongst The Balloons! (Original)


A great shot of a dark haired Pamela Green posing amongst coloured balloons from a negative scan from Kevin.  I can’t say I’ve seen any shots of Pam from this set before with the balloons, but it looks to be an early shot of her prior to her Kamera days? If I were to hazard a guess I’d say it was still taken by Harrison Marks, but probably appeared in Carnival or Foto in the mid 1950’s, but I could be wrong? I’m sure the Pam experts out there such as Simon or Yak can enlighten us more on the origin?

Wherever it came from still a very good colour shot of Pam with very little restoring required considering its age and thanks to Kevin for sharing.

A Shaded June Simpson (1950’s)

The distinguishable June Simpson posing in the shadows on leopard skin rug for Lawrence Venn. This was taken from the back page of Photographic Rhythm No.1 (1950’s) by Lawrence Venn and it almost looks as though she’s mounting/riding that leopard in this shot!

Virginia Green Amongst The Props! (Original)

An unusual shot from an original negative of Virginia Green by Harrison Marks. This has Virginia posing amongst some very familiar props that have appeared numerous times in other shots by GHM. The more important question about this shot is, who’s hand is that in the top right of the shot? Obviously helping with the lighting it’s a female hand with well manicured nails, so possibly Pamela Green helping out?

Not the most obvious shot to buy or post, but I loved it for the fact it has Virginia Green all smooth and uncensored, all the different props in it I can identify and of course the hand! Finally I’m not sure what that is that Virginia Green is barely wearing, but was it worth it?

The cropped version of this shot of Virginia appears in Solo No.15 P27 (1960)