June Palmer – Tiptoe Through The Treetops! (Original)

A nude June posing precariously amongst the branches of a tree on her tip toes! A fantastic view of June’s body as always, I’m just not sure about the balancing act, although I don’t think the branch she’s stood on is attached to the tree but laid on the ground.

Valerie Williams – Waiting For Your Call!

A late 1950’s shot of Valerie Williams posing nude on the edge of a chair with and old fashioned white telephone on the table beside her. Great  shot of Valerie’s figure and a very nice old fashioned phone, if you like those sort of things 🙂

Veronica’s View (Original)

The second of two shots from original negatives I own of Veronica Diemen from the 1971 Harrison Marks glamour film ‘Tailor Made’. I had no idea when I published the first image here who the model was, because at first glance it wasn’t obvious that it was Veronica. Thanks to new member Arty he pointed out it could in fact be Veronica Diemen in the film and images, which is a fantastic find and spot, so thanks Arty! To back this up and prove it is in fact Veronica, you will see that she has a scar on her right hand side that she is partially covering with her hand. If you look at any of the other published shots of Veronica throughout her career, you will always see that she either uses her hand to cover the scar or wears belts or other accessories to cover it, not obvious unless you look.

So another model identified that worked with GHM on one of his glamour films and a good excuse for me to dig out some more Veronica Diemen shots to post on this blog thanks to the link to Harrison Marks, not that I need an excuse!


Note: This image is scanned from an original negative and subject to this copyright notice, but can be individually shared as long as the image remains unaltered and this website is acknowledged as the source.

Rita’s Postcard From Heaven!

I recently purchased a missing copy of Kamera from Yak who runs the official Pamela Green site and as part of the package I also got a copy of this great postcard. Featuring Pamela Green as Rita Landre it shows her posing nude as she kneels with a blue satin sheet and thought it was too good not to share. I know it’s also a cheap link for Pam’s official site, but that’s well worth a look as Yak has just posted a fantastic early shot of Pam by Stefan Glass. Thanks to Yak for the postcard from Heaven 🙂